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CottGroup®, was Deemed Worthy of "Pilot Initiatives" and "Merit Special Recognition" Awards

CottGroup®, was Deemed Worthy of

The "2022 ADP Partner Executive Convention" took place in Lisbon, Portugal this year. As CottGroup®, we added another success to our achievements by receiving the "Pilot Initiatives" and "Merit Special Recognition" awards at this important event aimed at improving the collaboration and efficiency of our partnership with ADP®.

We will continue to be pioneers in the industry with our solutions that have high quality standards, thanks to our investments in advanced technology, which make our business processes more efficient and effective.

We thank our hardworking employees, our partners' trust and support for achieving this success.

Boss Governance Continues to Rise in the Bilişim 500 Lists in 2021

Boss Governance Continues to Rise in Bilişim 500 Lists

We are very proud of the achievements of our flagship company Boss Governance, and Informasoft®, from our software product family, in different categories in Bilişim 500 list.

With our long years of experience in the sector, our holistic service approach, along with our constantly renewed technological infrastructure and our expert teams, we continue to our successes having received the following rankings in Bilişim 500 lists for 2021:

The ceremony was held on Thursday, August 4, 2022, both physically and digitally, with the main theme of "Our Motto is Sustainability". Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Member of the Presidential Economic Policy Board, and Head of BTHABER Group of Companies, also attended. Thanks to the kind interest of leading multinational organizations, which are on the Fortune - Global 500 list, in the services we provide, and their trust in the Online Human Resources Management System Informasoft®, Payroll Process Management System Bordromat® we have succeeded in being the preferred in the sector.

We will continue to follow sectoral trends and rise among the best brands of our country by producing holistic solutions for the digital future of our customers and stakeholders who have trusted us until today.

We would like to thank all our customers and business partners, especially our employees, who have great contributions to this position with their trust.

Service Exporters' Association 3rd Prize Winner

Service Exporters' Association 3rd Prize Winner

We are Honored

Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) one of our member companies and the flagship company of CottGroup® is awarded the 3rd prize in the fields of "Consultancy, Accounting and Business Support Services" by focusing on new markets among the companies awarded in 18 categories of service exports, despite all the negative conditions of the pandemic we are experiencing. We are happy to be among the export champions once again this year with the integrated services and new generation service models we offer to the world's leading brands. We sincerely thank all our employees along with our clients and business partners who have made us enter the year 2022 with this valuable gift.

Boss Governance, was deemed worthy of "Resilience, Collaboration, and Security" awards

ADP - Boss Collaboration
ADP - Boss Resiliency
ADP - Boss Security
ADP - Boss Collaboration
ADP - Boss Resiliency
ADP - Boss Security

Boss Governance®, a CottGroup® member company, is proud to be the local payroll partner of ADP® in Türkiye and has been awarded as one of the winners for the Fiscal year of 2021 the Partner Excellence Award.

As Boss Governance®, we are honored to be recognized for the categories of Resilience, Collaboration, and Security which have been the award categories for the 2021 fiscal year following this year’s online held ADP® Partner Executive Convention due to preventive measures of COVID-19.

With the adapted business operations, we are thrilled to be appointed with such valuable awards, which highlights the investments we continuously put into our operations and technological infrastructure.

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