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Notice for the Legal Obligations in the Month of May 2021

Obtaining Tax Plate

Tax plates are required to be generated after submission of annual Income Tax and Corporate Tax declarations, until 31.05.2021, via GIB Internet Tax Office system.

With the General Communiqué No. 408 of Tax Procedural Law (VUK), the obligation of hanging tax plates to company and branches was cancelled, and the practice of keeping them at the workplace was introduced.

If it is determined that tax plates are not kept at the workplace, a special irregularity fine of 380,00 TL for 2021 will be issued, in accordance with the VUK article 353/4.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Taxation Law


Company Data Will Be Received from MERSIS System for SSI Registration

In the SSI General Letter dated 05.05.2021 and numbered 24730873, it was explained that the information that should always be up-to-date such as the manager, partner and address of the companies in the SSI workplace file registration is closed to the user login and the relevant data will be taken from the MERSIS system.

It was required for the users conducting the SSI workplace registration to submit the company data fully and correctly via "Workplace Registration Application" in the e-government system.

The information submitted during the initial registration had been kept unless a notification for change and revision was provided to SSI Directorates.

It has been ensured that the manager, partner and address information of the legal private workplaces are taken from the Central Registry System (MERSIS) to process the data belonging to the companies accurately and to keep SSI records up-to-date.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Social Security Law and Legislation, Bilateral Treaties


KVKK Aims were Announced in the Action Plan on Human Rights

Planned amendments within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 are explained in the Section 6.7 of the Action Plan on Human Rights and Implementation Calendar, titled Protecting the Private Life in Processing of Personal Data, published in the Official Gazette dated April 30, 2021 and numbered 31470. Accordingly, Turkish Data Protection Law (KVKK), will be brought in conformity with European standards and regulations and parallel regulations to General Data Protection Regulation will enter to our lives. In addition, new regulations regarding the penalties imposed on data controllers by the Personal Data Protection Board are also included in the plan.

As known, it is a legal obligation as of 2018 for all responsible to become compliant with KVKK. Even though new regulations will enter our lives, companies that have been compliant with the general principles of KVKK before the relevant law amendment, will be able to adapt to the amendment of the law. Also, please note that there is still an obligation to comply with the Law and sanctions still continue within this scope.

Written by Şeyma Nur Kaplan, Posted in Personal Data Protection Law


Regulation on the Prohibition of Cheque Submission

A provisional article was added to the Law Amending Some Laws dated March 25, 2020 and numbered 7226 With the Law Amending the Tax Procedure Law and Some Laws published in the Official Gazette dated April 30, 2021 and numbered 31470. You can reach the Official Gazette from here.

What Does the Regulation Bring?

Within the scope of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, a regulation has been made regarding the follow-ups based on the cheques and bill of exchange to prevent loss of rights, taking the restrictions applied through the country into account. The amendments entered into force as the publication date in the Official Gazette. According to the regulation;

Written by Selin Malkoç, Posted in Turkish Commercial Code

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