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Applications of E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-Ledger are starting in 2020

There have been important changes implemented on applications of e-Ledger, e-Invoice, e-Archive with the Communiqué dated 19.10.2019 and published in the Official Gazette numbered 30923 in regard to amending General Tax Procedural Law Communiqué with the item number 509 and General Electronic Ledger Communiqué with the item number 3.

With the amendments, in addition to the documents such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch Note, e-Ledger, e-Producer Receipt, e-Self Employment Vouchers and e-Ticket; taxpayers who issue e-Insurance Certificate, e-Expense Voucher, e-Receipt and e-Exchange Receipt are also included in scope of the legislation.

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Duration of the Obligation Regarding Bringing Exportation Costs Back to Turkey Within 180 Days and Exchanging %80 of Them Has Been Extended to 04.03.2020

The obligation to bring exportation costs back to Turkey within 180 days and to exchange %80 of them in the bank has come into effect as of 04.09.2018 for six months with the Communique on the Decision numbered as 32 regarding the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency (Regarding Exportation Costs). With the Communique dated 03.03.2019 and numbered 2019-32/53, which was published in the Official Gazette numbered as 30703; the duration had been extended to 04.09.2019.

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Deadline for Industrial Registry Integration Is 31.07.2019

In accordance with the 2nd article of Industrial Registry Law numbered 6948, it is mandatory for industrial businesses registering to the Industrial Registry Information System within two months after they start production activities. Production units are required to be registered separately.

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Application of Withholding and Premium Service Declaration in Turkey Has Been Postponed to 01.01.2020

With the law published in 29796 numbered Official Gazette on 09/08/2016, it has been decided to merge Withholding Declaration with Premium and Service Declaration, under the name “Withholding and Premium Service Declaration”.

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