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Declaration Obligation to Internet Advertisements Has Been Introduced with a New Communiqué

A declaration obligation has come into force with the General Communiqué No: 538 on Tax Procedure Law (In Turkish) for the internet advertisements.

With that Communique, the transactions would need to be declared within one month for the purchase, sale or rental of movable and immovable properties and goods and services by the intermediary service providers, social network providers and hosting providers, who mediate the publication of advertisements.

The below items would need to be declared to the Revenue Administration via the portal announced by the Ministry:

  • Internet address or addresses where the service is provided,
  • The amount and date of each transaction regarding the sales/rentals of movable, immovable, goods and services performed on behalf of the service providers, and the bank account information regarding the payments,
  • Name, surname/title, citizenship number information and workplace address information of individuals or companies.

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Communique Regarding The R&D and Design Support Law

Communique Regarding The R&D and Design Support Law has been published on the 27.05.2022 dated and 31848 numbered Official Gazette.

Regarding The Income Tax Withholding Incentive

With the Law no: 7346, the regulations in force as of 12.10.2021 are as below:

The amendments on the Law no: 5746 (article 3) and Law no: 4691(temporary article 2) can be summarized as below:

The periods spent outside these centers or Zones are also considered within the scope of income tax withholding incentive, provided that

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Notice for the Legal Obligations in the Month of May 2022

Obtaining Tax Plate

Tax plates are required to be generated after submission of annual Income Tax and Corporate Tax declarations, until 31.05.2022, via GIB (In Turkish) Internet Tax Office system.

With the General Communiqué No. 408 of Tax Procedural Law (VUK) (In Turkish), the obligation of hanging tax plates to company and branches was cancelled, and the practice of keeping them at the workplace was introduced.

If it is determined that tax plates are not kept at the workplace, a special irregularity fine of 500,00 TL for 2022 will be issued, in accordance with the VUK article 353/4.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Taxation Law


Obligation of Exchanging Portion of the Export Prices to the Banks Has Been Raised up to 40%

With the instruction dated 15.04.2022 of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, at least 40% of the export price, which are assigned to EPCA or FEPC, is now mandatory to sell to the bank which regulates the IBKB or DAB from 18.04.2022

These transfers are being sold to the CBT within the same day by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye based on the buying rate of exchange which are announced by CBT on the transaction date. The relevant transfer will be paid to the exporter in Turkish Lira.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Taxation Law

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