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Code of Obligations


Notaries Will Be Able to Make Real Estate Sales Contract

The Law on Amending the Code of Judges and Prosecutors (In Turkish) and Some Laws ("Law") was published in the Official Gazette dated June 28, 2022 and numbered 31880.

The Law, which brought regulations in different laws, also made changes in the Notary Law No. 1512 (In Turkish).

  • From the date of January 1, 2023, Notaries will be able to make a preliminary real estate contract and real estate sales contract. If one of the parties requests this contract and pays its fees and expenses, it can or may not annotate the land registry through the land registry information system (In Turkish), and notary publics will be responsible for these transactions.

Author Ece Nur Karakaş, Category Code of Obligations


Law on Amendment on Turkish Code of Obligations Has Been Published

The amendment made to the Law on Amendment the Turkish Code of Obligation ("Law") (In Turkish) is as follows:

"In terms of house rents, agreements regarding the rental price to be applied in renewed rental periods between the date of entry into force of this article and July 1, 2023 (including this date) are valid, provided that it does not exceed twenty-five percent of the rental price of the previous rental year. If the rate of change in the consumer price index of the previous rental year is below twenty-five percent compared to the twelve-month averages, the rate of change is valid. This rule also applies to lease agreements for more than one year. Agreements made to exceed these rates are invalid in terms of excess amount. The provision of this paragraph is also applied for the decisions to be made by the judge in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 344." The regulation entered into force as of June 11, 2022.

Author Ece Nur Karakaş, Category Code of Obligations


Regulations on Covid-19 and Some Laws Within the Scope of Omnibus Law No. 7244

Law on the Amendment of Some Laws with the Law on Reducing the Effects of New Coronavirus (Covid-19) Epidemic on Economic and Social Life, which includes articles on reducing the effects of Covid-19 epidemic to economic and social life and amendments to be made in some laws have entered into force, having been published in the Official Gazette dated 17.04.2020 and numbered 31102.

Law No. 7244 includes postponing, not taking or restructuring receivables, extending certain periods regulated by law, innovations brought to business life by the Labour Law and other related regulations and many more.

You can find the regulations in the law below:

ARTICLE 1 - Postponement, not taking or restructuring of some receivables

Due to force major caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been ensured that;

Author Şeyma Nur Kaplan, Category Taxation Law, Code of Obligations, Labor Law, Turkish Commercial Code


Regulations Introduced by the Law on the Amendments on Certain Laws No. 7226

The Law on the Amendment of Some Laws No. 7226, which contains amendments in many laws, including articles on the struggle with Covid-19 outbreak, has entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 26.03.2020 and with repeated number 31080.

Law No. 7226 includes accelerating access to individuals in disasters and emergencies, meeting energy expenditures from the budget, postponing financial liabilities and declarations, compensatory work to be done by the employer, short employment, bounced cheque, unprotested bill, those with loan depts or credit card depts and many more regulations.

You can Find the Regulations in the Law Below

Author Şeyma Nur Kaplan, Category Social Security Law and Legislation, Taxation Law, Code of Obligations, Labor Law

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