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Full HR

CottGroup®’s expert consultants are ready to assist you in all challenging steps you may encounter in the management of your HR processes.

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Full HR

CottGroup®’s expert consultants are ready to assist you in all challenging steps you may encounter in the management of your HR processes.

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Human Resources Support Services
Tailored to Your Needs

We are ready to assist you in all difficulties you encounter in human resources management
with our team of experts specialized in the field of human resources support services you need.

The daily critical tasks of human resources increase over time, negatively affecting the activities of existing staff that have priority over other responsibilities. New projects and structuring along with mergers and divisions within the organization require additional workforce in the field of human resources from time to time.

HR support, if received when needed, has an extremely positive effect in shaping human resources management as it helps to prevent the disruption of routine work, allowing managers to put their energy into the areas they should focus on. We are ready to assist you in your human resources management process with our in-depth knowledge and long years of experience to provide you with the complete human resources support.

Human Resources Support Services
Support at the Office

Support at the Office

Support for personnel files, archive, and other HR functions with a team of expert staff at your office.

Remote Support

Remote Support

Consultancy and management of personnel affairs in compliance with the laws with the questions and documents you will direct to us.

Employee Help Desk

Employee Help Desk

Instant support on topics such as payroll, personnel affairs and tax or employee support with ticketing system.

Ideal Solutions for Your HR Support Needs

Preparation of Policies and Procedures for HR Structuring

Establishing policies and procedures needed in the field of Human Resources is not a legal process by itself. It also requires a good understanding and interpretation of all the values of the organization. For example, a successful employee handbook can only be achieved by long years of experience of consultants, whose primary profession is human resources.

Today, due to occupational health and safety, personal data protection law, and increasing cyber risks, the content of employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and other correspondences that human resources will need have become extremely important. First, we conduct an analysis study and introduce you the current situation, and then we draft an improvement plan for your needs in this area.

Management of Personnel Affairs

  • Audit of existing personnel files, identifying and reporting areas of improvement
  • Keeping personnel files up to date
  • Preparation of personnel file for new hires
  • Archiving and management of personnel file
  • Notifying management about the files the retention periods of which are legally expired and need to be deleted, destructed, and anonymized within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law
  • Following up the execution, levy, and alimony files of the personnel
  • Following up the relevant insurance policies of the personnel who have private health insurance policies
  • Preparation of the relevant employment termination documents for the personnel whose contract is to be terminated and keeping them in personnel files
  • Keeping the necessary documents regarding the leaves used by the personnel in their personnel files, in cases where the online leave management system is not used

Private Pension (BES) Transactions

  • Notifying BES vendor about the details (name, address, phone number, IBAN, etc.) of the new hire, if there is any
  • Entering BES deductions into the system of BES vendor when the salary calculation for the relevant period is completed
  • Continuous monitoring of BES data to be accurate and up to date
  • Uploading participant data to BES at the end of the month
  • Monitoring and processing of BES withdrawal requests

Other HR Supports

  • Calculations based on simulations
  • Budget studies
  • Calculation of severance pay provision
  • Preparation of employment contracts of the new hires
Secure Physical File/Document Management Services

Secure Physical File/Document Management (Storage, Audit, Destruction) Services

CottGroup® offers an archive management service where personnel files can be safely stored in physical and digital environments. This service includes compliance processes such as tracking retention periods and masking in line with the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

Thanks to the infrastructure we provide within the scope of our records management services, you can request access to any document in the files at any time. Our unique process tracking and management procedures provide the fastest responses and solutions to your needs in the field of human resources support. Please click to learn the physical properties of our personnel file storage and archive environment.


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Awards for CottGroup® Services

Service Exporters' Association 4th Prize Winner
Ranked 6th among the Human Resources Management Software developers of Türkiye
Ranked 4th as Consultancy Service Provider
Ranked 29th as Service Provider

(*) Services Exporters' Association - 2022
(**) Bilişim 500 - 2022

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