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CottGroup® Has Been Awarded as the Best Partner in Employment Services

İstihdam Hizmetleri Alanında En İyi Partner Ödülü

"CottGroup® has been a rockstar" (Velocity Global Team, 2019)

Velocity Global is the lead global employment solution provider which offers premium services all over the world with its 185 in-country partners. CottGroup®, as the Turkish partner of Velocity Global has been appointed as the best ICP in May, of 185 partners, with its expertise and high service quality.

Strengthening Our Position in the Global Arena

CottGroup in Turkey’s First 500 Exporter Companies List

Recently, as CottGroup® - Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Boss Governance), we were honored to take part in the Türkiye Informatics 500 List. This time, we are rewarded with an achievement certificate for taking part in Türkiye’s First 500 Exporter Companies List, as a result of the study conducted by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM). As we are honored by the TIM in the export of services, this is a significant incentive and happiness to improve our growth in this area.

While we are committing ourselves to our operations ensuring our work force is qualified, our goal is to constantly improve by achieving flexibility and quality to accommodate our services with all kinds of needs. Thanks to the fast and easy adaptability along with the optimum costs of our services such as payroll outsource, consultancy and other BPO solutions we have developed, our company has become the first choice of Fortune Global 500 companies for finding an applicable service provider to their local needs.

We believe in the importance and significance on government’s support for R&D and Teknoparks. Therefore, we foresee that exports of our software, which are designed for platform-based services, will increase and develop even further and faster.

As the service processes of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) are digitalized, we contribute to the increase in exports as well as our country’s publicity by being a companion to foreign investors. The biggest factor of our success is unprecedented efforts of our expert teams who embrace the holistic service philosophy. Members of the CottGroup® Family deserve to be proud due to their strong and unprecedented support, as they ensure us to be preferred by our loyal clients and business partners from the United States, Europe, Middle East, China and Russia.

In the forthcoming years, we will continue to invest constantly to increase our service quality, service range and market share.

Boss Governance Became One Of The Largest Technology Companies In Türkiye

İlk 500 Bilişim Şirketi Türkiye 2017 Sonuçları

As CottGroup® we are proud that our group company, Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) has been appointed 234th on its first-time attendance to the (Türkiye) Bilişim 500, list that appoints the largest 500 technology companies in Türkiye. The emerging need of holistic services which are compliant with local laws, regulations and dynamics from our multinational clients has been crucial in reinforcing the success of CottGroup® in the human resources technology market.

Thanks to the strength of our innovative approach and one-stop-shop holistic services philosophy, Boss Governance has been able to distinct itself with the application and services which are provided in accordance with the requirements of the digitalized economy. Today, multinational companies in the Fortune Global 500 list chose our company to have local services and applications that are fully compliant with regulations and with their global needs. Becoming the choice of such large companies inspires us to enhance our innovations and progresses in the information and technology service field.

İlk 500 Bilişim Şirketi Türkiye 2017- Bilişim 500" (The first 500 IT Companies in Türkiye – Bilişim 500) ceremony has been held for the 19th time in Istanbul CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel on July 5, 2018. The ceremony was presented and the results of the first 500 companies were announced with the participation of; Ömer Fatih Sayan, Head of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), Galip Zerey the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications and Murat Göçe the Head of the BThaber Group Companies.

Galip Zerey, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, highlighted the fact that the IT sector is growing by 15% every year. During the event ceremony, it was also emphasized that the first 500 IT Companies had their income raised 20% more in total compared to last year.

In line with the sectoral developments, we will enhance our strength and continue our constant development with thanks to all our employees, stakeholders and clients who put trust, power, and faith in our companies and services while supporting us.

CottGroup® will keep on enduring its strength and will always be aiming for being one of the best brands in Türkiye in line with the digital transformation era and the overlapping needs of our clients in the field.

Once again, we sincerely thank to all our clients who has been with us through this path of success with their continuous trust and support.


Creation of Difference in Business Mind by Holistic Business Services Philosophy


Bogazici University Alumni Association (BÜMED) hosted an event named “Entrepreneurs Who Made a Difference” organized by “Gulumse Istanbul Platform”. The “Unordinary Thought – Unordinary Success” themed organization welcomed students from thirty different universities within Türkiye and newly graduates, leading businesspeople, authorities of civil society organizations and associations, local government authorities, members from visual and print media. We as CottGroup®, took our place as the main guest of the organization and brought our support to the conference.

In the event, CottGroup®’s presentation was based on “Creation of Difference in Business Mind by Holistic Business Services Philosophy”. The managing partners of CottGroup® based their presentation on key points of innovative executive solutions for the entrepreneurs, thus the changing trends of the consultancy services supported by CottGroup® which have developed and evolved with the changing parameters of the entrepreneur ecosystem.

In our presentation, we had a chance to share the success story of CottGroup®; from the abstract active corporate values which led to the birth of the business, to the differences we have among our competitors which highlights our brand and our service quality. Also, we defined how our service has been evolved in accordance with the demands from our clients, leading us to provide an unconventional and highly successful service that can be distinguished from other suppliers in our field, with our investments, innovations, and ideology systematics.

Aside with the already set brand value acknowledgement, we told the story behind CottGroup®’s evolving and how we managed to become a one-of-a-kind kind brand under the concept of “Holistic Business Services Philosophy” with our own most different and the most popular examples of entrepreneurship and business development models.

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