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setting up a company in istanbul

Build your corporate identity in İstanbul

CottGroup® offers you all the necessary information on setting up a company in istanbul, an a rest of Turkey within the high-level experience and knowledge of its business consultants.


1Setting Up a Registered Company in Turkey

As CottGroup® we offer our future clients help on all the necessary processes for business operations such as company registration, local legislation compliances, tax office registration, bank account procedures etc. from a one end solution with the help of our highly experienced qualified staff.

2Finding the Right Staff

According to the Turkish Law, only legally authorized private employment agencies can provide Recruitment & Placement Services. CottGroup® ‘s group company, Pera Career offers both our local and global clients miscellaneous recruitment and placement solutions.

3Payroll & HR Services

The group companies within the body of CottGroup® have great experience and trust to offer their clients on payroll and HR outsourcing with the global partnerships it has.

4Accounting Services

IstanbulCPA; the group company of CottGroup® has been building its global and local clients the necessary accounting systems for more than 20 years. As IstanbulCPA, we have a great knowledge and expertise in keeping the accounting reports of our client companies and building integrated systems which are synchronized with the global accounting systems.

5Consulting Services

On your decision to build a company in Turkey, CottGroup® is eagerly ready to serve you as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) supplier, on every aspect you'll need; from company formation to business practices. We offer our clients our consultancy services uniquely designed for their own needs in every city within Turkey.

6Taxation System & Taxation Services

Turkey has a constantly changing legislation on taxation and declaration systems. These changes bring great responsibilities on companies in Turkey. CottGroup® offers you the taxation and accounting service need by your company and prevents you from facing major errors with the indemnity insurance and idealized service provided by the highly qualified expert teams it has.

7IT Consulting Services

As CottGroup® we offer our clients the background systems installation and management of the IT systems they need. We provide our help and services on a broad range from ADSL subscriptions to hosting / systematical setup and installation to our valued clients.

8Payment Services

CottGroup® Money Movement Team is ready to answer your needs on making the necessary payments on behalf of your company. The salary, tax, social security, vendor and similar payments are all within the scope of the intermediacy payment services provided by our Money Movement Team.

9Financial Reporting & HR Reporting Services

As CottGroup®, our expertise in not limited to designing the reporting sets you need, but also designing a mapping for your company in the reporting stages of your financial and HR processes.

News & Events

  • HR Tech Mena Summit was held in The Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City on May 16-17, 2017

  • CottGroup® family gathered to celebrate new year with an enjoyable party.

  • CottGroup®’s attended a conference at Bogazici Uni. on "Entrepreneurs Who Made a Difference" and discussed the Holistic Business Philosophy.

  • CottGroup®'s CEO, Selim T. Akdag's article on the possible effects of the Blockchain technologies on shaping the future of the HR processes with the new technological developments took place in "HR Dergi" January 2018 issue.

  • Our group company, Boss Governance (ADP Streamline® Partner) attended to the annual "ADP Partner - Executive Convention" in Budapest between October 19-22, 2016.

  • İstanbul Bilgi Uni. held a seminar about Digitalization of HR and Mentality Transformation on April 27, 2016.

  • 2018 Minimum Wage & Related Legal Parameter Changes

    2018 Minimum Wage & Related Legal Parameter Changes

    In a press release dated December 29, 2017 the Ministry of Labor along with the Minimum Wage Determination Committee have announced the minimum wage to be effective for the year of 2018 as shown in the table below.
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  • The law related to automatic enrollment in private pension insurance has been released

    The law related to automatic enrollment in private pension insurance has been released

    New law numbered 6740 with the title: “Law on Changes to be made on the Individual Pension Savings and Investment System Law”, has been announced in the Official Gazette dated August 25, 2016.
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  • Withholding Tax & SSI Declarations are Combined: Withholding Tax and Premium Service Return

    Withholding Tax & SSI Declarations are Combined: Withholding Tax and Premium Service Return

    Withholding Tax Returns and Social Security Institute Declarations are to be combined: Withholding Tax and Premium Service Return.
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  • Omnibus Bill Numbered 7061 On New Tax Amendments

    Omnibus Bill Numbered 7061 On New Tax Amendments

    The Omnibus Bill numbered 7061 entitled “Law on Amending the Current Tax Laws, and Laws, and Decree Laws” has been published on the Official Gazette dated 05.12.2017.
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  • Protection of personal data

    Protection of personal data

    In the beginning of April 2016, the question of how sensitive personal data shall be protected arose when the personal information of over 50 million Turkish citizens was released on internet. Coincidently, around the same date the Turkish state released new legislation on how to protect personal information.
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Local Expertise and Global Experience in Payroll and Accounting Services

Cottgroup® has a variety of services including but not limited to company establishment in Turkey, payroll outsource, human resources, accounting, and technology with an emphasis on the metropolis, Istanbul. Cottgroup®; has become a leader on the fields of payroll in Turkey and accounting in Turkey with the support it receives from its global partners. Thanks to its local expertise and global experience, Cottgroup® has the capacity to meet the needs and expectations of its clients, from an accounting and payroll perspective, who wish to carry out a legal entity creation and establishment in Turkey.

In metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, it is crucial to solve all the needs of company creation in Turkey and other corporate matters through a single provider. The crowded population and difficulty of transportation in cities like Istanbul cause more breaucratic issues for the company opening and registration processes in Turkey, relative to smaller cities in the country. Our organisation will meet your needs with its one-stop-shop approach on all matters related to company formation in Turkey such as payroll in Turkey, accounting in Turkey, HR solutions in Turkey and so on. This approach which can contribute greatly to your success following company formation is highly unique among accounting and payroll companies in Turkey.

Different sectors require more functional practices, especially related to human resources and payroll in Istanbul or other cities. For example, companies with Research & Development functions must have a strong understanding of the various exemptions, applications, and reporting requirements which entities in this field are subject to. Legislation in Turkey related to the protection of personal data has become more prevelant in recent years and has created a need for highly secure process to be adopted within payroll applications among other areas.

Cottgroup®, contributes fully to the innovative solutions which are needed by companies when determining a local strategy.