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  • CottGroup® is proud of its flagship company, Boss Governance and happy to announce that it has been ranked with several successes with its expertise in various categories on the First 500 Technology Companies List.

  • KVKK and GDPR Seminar Practical for HR Professionals

    We held a seminar at Çırağan Palace on 18th of February Tuesday, 2020 exclusively for HR professionals.

  • Boss Governance received the 3rd prize in the field of "Consultancy, Certified Public Accountancy and Support Services" by the Services Exporters' Association.

  • Our group company, Boss Governance (ADP Partner) attended to the annual "ADP Partner Executive Convention" in Vienna between November 06-08, 2019.

  • Boss Governance has been recognized with an achievement certification on Compliance and Security Excellence for 2018 by its partner ADP

  • Selim T. Akdağ's statement, with the personal data anonymization, its place in HR and the additional responsibilities that it brings along to the companies, along with the right of saying "forget me" are also told.

  • CottGroup® is proud to have ISAE 3402 Type II Security Standards

  • CottGroup®, has been awarded by Mondaq as the "Contributor With Most Reader Response in Turkey"

  • Have You Completed Your VERBIS Registration?

    Have You Completed Your VERBIS Registration?

    There are certain periods and deadlines stipulated in the Turkish Data Protection Law (KVKK) for VERBIS registration with the decision dated 19.07.2018 and numbered 2018/88. Afterwards, these periods were extended 3 times and the deadlines were postponed for various reasons.
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  • The Deadline for IYS Registration Is Postponed

    The Deadline for IYS Registration Is Postponed

    According to the official announcement made by the Ministry of Trade on 30.11.2020, the date for registration of the service providers to the Commercial Electronic Message Management System (IYS) and submitting current recipients' confirmations has been postponed considering the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus on business processes.
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  • Authorized Banks That Can Be Used For Tax Payments

    Authorized Banks That Can Be Used For Tax Payments

    Revenue Administration announced the list of authorized bank names that can be used for tax payments as of 2020. The list also includes the tax payment method applicable for the related banks on the list.
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  • Certain Amendments Have Been Made Through Omnibus Law

    Certain Amendments Have Been Made Through Omnibus Law

    New amendments have been made with the Law on Amending Certain Laws and Restructuring of Certain Debts No. 7256, dated as 11 November 2020, and published in the Official Gazette No. 31307 dated 17 November 2020.
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Local Expertise and Global Experience in Payroll and Consulting Services

CottGroup® has a variety of services including but not limited to consulting in Turkey, payroll outsource, human resources and technology with an emphasis in the metropolis, Istanbul. CottGroup®; has become a leader in the fields of consulting and payroll services in Turkey with the support it receives from its global partners. Thanks to its local expertise and global experience, CottGroup® has the capacity to meet the needs and expectations of its clients, from a consulting and payroll perspective, who need consulting and payroll services in Turkey

In metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, it is crucial to solve all the needs of consulting services in Turkey and other corporate matters through a single provider. The crowded population and difficulty of transportation in cities like Istanbul cause more bureaucratic issues for the payroll processes in Turkey, relative to smaller cities in the country. Our organization will meet your needs with its one-stop-shop approach on all matters related to consulting needs in Turkey such as payroll in Turkey, payroll outsource in Turkey, HR solutions in Turkey and so on. This approach which can contribute greatly to your success following your establishment is highly unique among consulting and payroll companies in Turkey.

Different sectors require more functional practices, especially related to human resources and payroll in Istanbul or other cities. For example, companies with Research & Development functions must have a strong understanding of the various exemptions, applications, and reporting requirements which entities in this field are subject to. Legislation in Turkey related to the protection of personal data has become more prevalent in recent years and has created a need for highly secure process to be adopted within payroll applications among other areas.

CottGroup®, contributes fully to the innovative solutions which are needed by companies when determining a local strategy.

Local Expertise and Global Experience in Payroll and Accounting Services
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Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic to secure the health of our employees our business operations are held remotely until further notification. CottGroup® will have its business processes carried out efficiently and smoothly thanks to our BCP plans and strong technological infrastructure. As always, our customers and business partners will be able to reach us via our phones and e-mails.