Social Security Law and Regulations


Verification of Tax ID Numbers Registered in SSI System

As it is known, combining the "Withholding and Premium Service Declaration" has been initiated in the city of Kırşehir on 01.06.2017, and followed by Amasya, Bartın and Çankırı on 01.01.2018 according to the provisional Article 2 of the 29983 numbered General Communiqué published in the Official Gazette dated 18.02.2017.

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Amendments Applied to The Missing Day Causes

Within the scope of the SSI Circular dated 12.11.2019 and numbered 17519684, the causes of missing days were redetermined for the insured persons (employees) whose document type or law type were different.

For the insured employees who are Turkish citizens and also foreign nationals, where the notification for the same insured must be made through more than one type of document or type of law (R&D Incentive No. 5746, insured employees working in underground and aboveground work fields, insured employees working under the actual service at health service providers etc.), an additional cause of missing day has been defined to the causes of missing days within the scope with the code "25- Other Documents / Day Completion Through Type of Law".

The possibility of checking the missing days for certain types of documents applicable to the foreign employees have been removed from the relevant system.

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Workers on Sick Leave Will Not Be Able to Receive Incapacity Allowance After Their Insurance Ends

Pension Services General Directorate of Social Security Institution Presidency has made certain statements regarding short term insurance branch applications due to lack of application unity mentioned in the general letter dated 31.07.2019 and numbered 96597630-010.07.01-E.11144299.

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A New Era in Retirement With Abroad Borrowing

The Omnibus Bill numbered 7186, published in the Official Gazette numbered 30836 on 19.07.2019, has increased borrowing premium rates and aggravated retirement of the Turkish nationals abroad through abroad borrowing by changing the insurance coverage status of borrowed period with the recent amendments in “the Law on Evaluating Duration Abroad of Turkish Nationals Residing Abroad numbered 3201”.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Social Security Law and Regulations

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