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Occupational Health and Safety Law


PCR Test Has Become Compulsory for Events and Travels

The Circular involving the additional measures regarding COVID-19 determined in the Presidential Cabinet convened on August 19, 2021 is sent to the relevant institutions. According to the Circular, as of September 6, 2021; for people who are not vaccinated should submit a PCR test with a negative result;

  • In participation in activities such as concerts, cinemas, and theaters,
  • Intercity travels by plane, bus, train, or other public transportation vehicles, excluding private vehicles,
  • Participation in other events or activities in which people are present collectively is determined by the relevant governorships/sub-governorships.

Written by Şeyma Nur Kaplan, Posted in Occupational Health and Safety Law


OHS Obligation Of Workplaces With Less Than 50 Employees

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 Article 38, the obligation to receive OHS Services begins on 1/7/2020 for the workplaces with less than 50 employees and in the less dangerous class.

Article 38 of the Law No. 6331 is as follows:

Written by Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Posted in Occupational Health and Safety Law


Amendments Made With the Law No.7166

7166 numbered the “Law on Amending Social Services and Some Other Laws” (the “Law”) has published in the 30694 dated Official Gazette. This Law has made some amendments on Environmental Law, Value Added Tax Law (“VATL”), Unemployment Insurance Law, Special Consumption Tax Law (“SCTL”,“ÖTVK”), Occupational Health and Safety Law and some other Laws. A new wage support incentive to the employers, some VAT and Special Consumption Tax (ÖTV) regulations are among these amendments.

Our explanations regarding some important amendments are as follows

Written by Seda Arıcı, Posted in Social Security Law and Legislation, Taxation Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law


Supreme Court of Türkiye Annuls Provision which Excludes Navigation on the High Seas for ships engaged in Maritime Transportation from Workplace Health and Safety Law

Article II (2) e of the Work Place Health and Safety Law which excludes navigation on the high seas for ships engaged in maritime transportation from the scope of the law has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Courts for violating the constitutional right to life, work and the principles of social state in a decision dated 11/06/2015, published in the official gazette no. 29383.

Written by Zeynep Uçar Tagney, Posted in Occupational Health and Safety Law

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