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Motor Vehicle Tax Payment for 2018 2nd Period

Motor Vehicle Tax Payment for 2018 2nd Period

Vehicle owners are obliged to pay the Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) each year. The tax can be paid in two installments yearly upon request. In additional to the land vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, choppers and motor vessels are liable to the MTV tax.

If wished to be paid in two installments, the tax shall be paid in January in July for the same year. The payment term of the second instalment for the Motor Vehicle Tax is between 01/07/2018 - 31/07/2018. The tax calculation is accrued automatically according to your vehicle type on the governments’ system.

We kindly remind you the of the importance of paying this tax for vehicle(s) registered to your name or your firm to avoid any penalty fines.

Payment can be made through local banks such as Akbank, Denizbank, Finansbank, Garanti Bank, etc. and from tax offices who have an agreement with the government.

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