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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kurumsal Sosyal Sorumluluk - Kütüphane kuruyoruz

CottGroup® is aware of the responsibilities and the importance of the contribution to social life aside to its recognition in the business world. It has become a social principle to take part in various social responsibility projects every year as a philanthropist corporation.

We had merged our strength with the Ministry of Education (MEB) to build a library for a primary school, in 2018. With the guidance of the institution, MEB, Imece Primary school was selected the school where were to build the library.

Within the scope of this project, a book collection campaign was carried out on the basis of a list of accepted books submitted by MEB, which were to form the library to be established by our employees. The project was carried out on complete voluntary basis.

Our library is still under construction. When completed, we hope that it will contribute to the education of children, who are to become the leading future of our country.

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