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The World is on Fire, Not Just a Continent!

The World is on Fire, Not Just a Continent!

The irresponsible behavior of people caused global warming and unnatural climate change, which was the reason for the conflagration that started in Australia in September 2019 and is still not brought under control. While 27 people died during the conflagration, approximately 10 million hectares of land have been destroyed. According to the statements, 1.25 billion animals have either lost their lives directly or indirectly due to the conflagration, and one-third of the koala population has vanished.

There are numerous disasters that would remain uncontrollable even if the whole world unites and would cause enormous damage, yet that is actually preventable only with the support of one sole person. One drop of water we waste irresponsibly is the reason these flames surrounding the world will not extinguish.

As CottGroup® family, we first kindly ask our inner circle, then the whole world to be more mindful of turning off the faucets if they run wasting water.

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