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15 June 2022

What is Online Internship? What are the Benefits?

Author Civan Güneş, Zeynep İzel Güner, Category Work Life

What is Online Internship? What are the Benefits?

An online internship, also known as a remote internship, is a work experience program that allows students and recent graduates to gain professional or semi-professional experience while working remotely without physically being present at the workplace.

Due to the pandemic, many companies have shifted towards online internships, providing students and recent graduates with the opportunity to work remotely. With the continuous development of digitalization standards, online internships are becoming the new normal.

Tasks assigned to interns in the digital environment during online internships enhance their skills and abilities, making them more dedicated and self-confident employees in the future who are open to development. We have answered what you need to know about online internships.

What Fields Offer Online Internship Opportunities?

There are many online internship opportunities available in various fields that can be completed through internet-based participation. The most popular areas for online internships are sales, marketing, design, and technology. Due to the continuing impact of COVID-19, online internship programs (In Turkish) are available in a wide range of fields.

What are the Benefits of Online Internships For Interns?

Flexible Working Opportunities

Online internships provide a significant benefit of flexibility, especially for students who are yet to graduate. Such internships allow students to acquire practical experience without being bound to a traditional office internship program. The interns can work at any time of the day, as long as they meet the given deadlines. This flexibility saves their time and enables them to devote more time to their personal growth and development.

Time Management Skills

Since meeting deadlines is on interns, working from home will develop their time management skills. Successfully managing flexible work hours in online internships can provide significant benefits to interns in their future professional lives.

Opportunity to Develop Career Skills

In online internships, interns are expected to learn important subjects such as digital communication techniques, adapting to corporate culture, research, and proficiency in current computer programs. In today's professional world, computer and media literacy is a crucial skill, regardless of whether the internship is conducted online or on-site. As part of the learning process, interns must develop the art of discipline and time management to work autonomously without constant supervision. Online internships allow students to become organized, self-motivated, and independent, which will help them create an impressive resume.

Cross-Cultural Experience

The digitalization process has enabled access to companies that offer online internship opportunities. It is even possible to work with these companies remotely. Completing an online internship in a different time zone and culture can provide interns with cultural experience and a broader perspective. Online internship experience with a company based abroad is a valuable addition to an intern's resume, as it strengthens their adaptability skills.

Communication Skills

Online internships offer a unique chance for interns to develop their communication skills in a virtual setting. Interns can engage in video and voice communication with colleagues and supervisors, providing them with valuable experience in both internal and external communication.

Furthermore, online internships allow interns to put their academic knowledge into practice and refine their skills before stepping into the business world.

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