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14 June 2022

What is Personality Inventory and How is it Applied?

Written by Civan Güneş, Posted in Work Life

What is Personality Inventory and How is it Applied?

Personality inventory is an assessment tool that analyzes the personal characteristics of job candidates, measures their competencies, and helps guide Human Resources processes. In this context, we have answered the questions regarding why personality inventory is important and how it is applied.

The Purpose of Personality Inventory

To acquire the right talents for the organization, many companies use various psychometric tests to analyze the most suitable candidates for a position.

One such test is personality inventory, which helps determine whether an individual fits the company culture and reveals their communication and organizational capabilities, social characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Human Resources departments use personality inventory as an important tool to evaluate applications and determine the most suitable candidate for the final decision stage. The responses given in personality inventory are not evaluated as right or wrong but serve to analyze the personality traits of the job applicant and determine whether they are a good match for the applied position. By using personality inventory results to make job placements, companies can create a more harmonious, productive, and development-focused working environment.

How Personality Inventory is Evaluated?

The Human Resources department conducts a personality inventory to assess candidates for open positions within the organization. The inventory is tailored to the specific qualifications required for each position. For instance, if a candidate is applying for a role in the Business Development department, the inventory will evaluate their personality traits such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Before conducting the inventory, HR professionals should define the open positions and determine the essential qualifications required for each role. By doing so, the recruitment process becomes more efficient, and the organization can employ the most suitable candidates while reducing recruitment costs and minimizing the time spent on personnel recruitment.

Things to Consider When Taking A Personality Inventory

When it comes to personality inventories, it's not just about taking tests. To get accurate results, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Always strive to provide honest answers. If you answer questions based on what you think the employer wants to hear, it will show up in the inventory and may reflect poorly on your character.
  • Make sure you understand the questions thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if something is unclear.
  • Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. The inventory simply evaluates where your personality traits and behaviors are concentrated. By answering truthfully, you increase your chances of being deemed a suitable candidate for the position you're applying for, which can save time and help establish a good working relationship.

Personality assessment and evaluation of core competencies have become crucial processes in the field of Human Resources. By using a personality inventory, organizations can analyze how well job candidates fit into their culture, and these inventories continue to play a significant supporting role in organizational adaptation processes.

There are many different inventories available on the market, each with its own purposes. Some inventories are designed to measure behavior, whereas others focus on measuring competencies. To determine which inventory is suitable for your organization, it's important to analyze the features of the chosen inventory and create a plan that considers your organization's future strategies.

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