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22 September 2021

What is Time Management?

Author Civan Güneş, Category Work Life

What is Time Management?

Time management is an idea of aiming and achieving your target by using your sources efficiently. It has a great connection with managing the self and other surroundings. Time management skill involves planning the day ahead first and then organizing what to do accordingly. Being able to manage time contributes to the increase of one’s productivity, the completion of the backlog tasks, and personal development. Time management aims to evaluate the time available and do most of the work during this time. Depending on the person's job title or work environment, the tasks must be completed. Time management is about completing tasks within a certain period of time without difficulties.

The Importance of Time Management Skill for HR Professionals

HR professionals are responsible for all matters related to the employees of the company. HR professionals, who act as liaisons between the company's top management and employees, have responsibilities in several areas, from hiring new employees to managing existing employees or from orientation planning to performance management. The essential steps of effective time management and techniques to make your work easier will help you move forward.

Tips for efficient time management skill

  • Define your goal
  • Have a to-do list
  • Prioritize
  • Distribute the time
  • Organize and plan
  • Have a group work
  • Avoid being stressful

What are the advantages of this skill, though?

  1. Delivering the work on time
  2. Providing a high-quality work
  3. Using the sources efficiently
  4. Reducing the stress and anxiety in work-life
  5. Improving the work-life balance
  6. Contributing to the self-development and career growth
  7. Reduce costs as tasks are prioritized
  8. Increasing the leadership skills
  9. Reducing the time waste in the workplace
  10. Avoiding the procrastination

What are the disadvantages of a poor time management plan?

  1. An unstructured time management plan can cause all your tasks to fail.
  2. Doing many different jobs at once can be tiring.
  3. You can find no time for entertainment.
  4. Undefined goals can lead to inadequate planning and resource consumption.
  5. Poor time management can also increase costs and lead to rework.
  6. Tasks that are not adequately scheduled can cause mental and physical stress.

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