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2019 Minimum Wage & the Minimum Subsistence Allowance Rates (MSA)

2019 Minimum Wage & the Minimum Subsistence Allowance Rates (MSA)

a. Minimum wage

In The press release dated December 25, 2018 the Ministry of Labor along with the Minimum Wage Determination Committee have announced the minimum wage to be effective for the year of 2019 as shown in the table below.




2019 Year



b. Monthly SSI base and ceiling parameters

As per to the Article 82 of the 5510 numbered SSI Law, the SSI base and the SSI ceiling are determined by taking the minimum wage into account. The SSI ceiling is calculated as the 7,5 times of the minimum wage. The below table shows the legal parameters in regards for 2019.


Monthly SSI Base

Monthly SSI Ceiling




c. The amount to be taken into account for discount calculation purposes related to the "Minimum Survival subsistence Allowance", which will be effective as of the start of 2019.

Minimum Wage * 12  = Annual Amount of the Minimum Wage

2.558,40 * 12 = 30.700,80.-TL

In order to calculate the MSA amount, the rates determined in accordance with the employees’ marital statuses are applied to the amount stated above.

One twelfth (1/12) of the income tax amount calculated over the Annual Minimum Wage Level is discounted from the employees’ income tax payable on monthly basis.

Employees Marital Status

Monthly discount Amount for 2019 (TRY)



Married-spouse not working


Married-spouse not working 1 child


Married-spouse not working 2 child


Married-spouse not working 3 child


Married-spouse not working 4 child


Married-spouse not working 5 child


Married and spouse working


Married-spouse working 1 child


Married-spouse working 2 child


Married-spouse working 3 child


Married-spouse working 4 child


Married-spouse working 5 child


Written by Seda Arıcı, Suzan Tepe, Burcu Özel, Posted in Social Security Law and Regulations

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