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What is a NACE Code and What is it Used for?

It's essential for the companies to identify the NACE code correctly during the formation process.
Various legal and sectoral regulations are applied based on this classification system.

The International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) is a system used by the United Nations to classify economic activity data. Türkiye, too, adopts the said six-digit coding system as a part of the EU accession practices. Likewise, NACE, which stands for “Nomenclature des Activités Économiques dans la Communauté Européenne” is a classification system derived from ISIC mentioned above. The fields in which the companies will operate are classified according to the codes in this system. It has the utmost importance that you identify the NACE code correctly when founding your company. The occupational groups are registered, and the corresponding business lines are explained in NACE’s lists. Below you will find related examples.

The Occupational Group NACE Code NACE Title
RETAIL TRADE 47.11.01 The retail trade conducted in general stores and markets (Food, beverage, and tobacco-based retail trade done in stores that are not specialty stores)
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 46.14.01 Intermediaries that wholesale computers, software, electronic equipment, telecommunication equipment, and other bureau equipment adhering to a certain price or an agreement
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 62.01.01 Computer coding activities (system, database, network, website, etc. software and customer-specific software coding)
ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING 71.12.09 Engineering and consultancy activities for energy projects (projects that use energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas, services for nuclear, water, sun, wind, and other energy power plants and power distribution and transmission lines)


Applying an incorrect NACE code may result in application problems and loss of rights due to a different business line identification.

Please click here to access the list of Occupational Groups and NACE Codes of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Please click here to access the list of Occupational Groups and NACE Codes of Revenue Administration.

(The links are in Turkish.)


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