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Company Formation in Turkey

company formation in turkey

Setting Up a Registered Company in Turkey

The Turkish economy has been showing a great increase and great potential over the years with back to back economic reforms and its consistent monetary policies. The adapted consistent economic environment of Turkey not only made the Turkish economy coherent with the global markets, but also led Turkey to become the regional leader of foreign direct investment.

Istanbul; with having around 20 million active populations and being one of the charming metropoles on the world is one of the few cities that highly attracts new foreign investors. With the great geopolitical advantage and the role of being a bridge between Asia and Europe, many multinational companies decided to have Istanbul as their regional headquarter. Thus, with its other metropoles such as Ankara, Mersin, Bursa, İzmir, Denizli, Turkey is for sure becoming an attractive spot to be invested in by foreigners.

As CottGroup® we offer our future clients help on all the necessary processes for business operations such as company registration, local legislation compliances, tax office registration, bank account procedures etc. from a one end solution with the help of our highly experienced qualified staff.

Finding the Right Staff

In a location where tons of different cultures are practiced in daily lives, companies need to build new and different strategies to spot on the right staff to harmonize with the company identity.

According to the Turkish Law, only legally authorized private employment agencies can provide Recruitment & Placement Services. CottGroup® ‘s group company, Pera Career offers both our local and global clients miscellaneous recruitment and placement solutions.

We draw a roadmap with you, in accordance with your needs and your local entity’s’ vision to find support your company with the right staff, in the minimum timespan.

Payroll & HR Services

Compared to the other countries, Turkey has a very complex Labor Law System. Liabilities to be practiced on Income Tax and Social Security are very detailed. Incompliancy with these liabilities and payroll legislation can be extremely burdensome on the companies and lead companies to face penalty fines.

The group companies within the body of CottGroup® have great experience and trust to offer their clients on payroll and HR outsourcing with the global partnerships it has.

CottGroup® offers payroll outsourcing to its clients from every sector, without compromising from security and confidentiality with its own HRM Software with a technical strong background that also has a governmental support by TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

As CottGroup®, we are eagerly ready to become your strategic partner and assist you on your needs, aside from payroll assistance with our Full HR services.

Accounting Services

Due to differentiating economical dynamics and the implementation of EU compliancy measures, it is inevitable to face constant legislative change in the Turkish taxation system. Moreover, these legislations differentiate when put in practice in tax & accounting services and registration systems. Over the years with the technological innovations, it has been a requirement for companies to have strong IT backgrounds in order to use e-declaration, e-ledger, e-invoice and other e-systems.

IstanbulCPA; the group company of CottGroup® has been building its global and local clients the necessary accounting systems for more than 20 years. As IstanbulCPA, we have a great knowledge and expertise in keeping the accounting reports of our client companies and building integrated systems which are synchronized with the global accounting systems.

As IstanbulCPA, with our experienced team of certified public accountants (CPAs) we offer our current and future clients the necessary global reporting, bookkeeping and accounting / tax advisory services you’ll need on your local requirements with the technology and knowledge we have gained over the years.



Our business consultants provide you with a road map, clear directions, and regular feedback on performance. Our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise on business processes and legislative support.

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