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Supreme Court of Türkiye Annuls One Year Ban on Work Permit Reapplication of Foreigners

Article 14.d of the Law on Foreign Work Permits which prevents work permit applicants to reapply to the same workplace for a duration of one year if their initial application was denied has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Türkiye in a unanimous decision dated 21/05/2015.

The decision states that refusal of work permit applications based solely on the one-year ban on reapplication, does not serve a legitimate purpose other than perhaps to ease the workload of the bureaucracy and hence is devoid of equity and fairness principles of law.

In conclusion: Foreigners whose application was denied prior to 21/05/2015 due to the cancelled provision may now re-apply for a work permit.

Written by Zeynep Uçar Tagney, Posted in Immigration Law

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Zeynep Uçar Tagney

Zeynep Uçar Tagney
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