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New Term on Secure Mobile Payment & E- Document Management System Financial Documents

New Term on Secure Mobile Payment & E- Document Management System Financial Documents

With the Tax Procedure Law (VUK) General Communique Numbered 507 published in the Official Gazette dated 01.06.2019 and numbered 30791, arrangements were made on “Secure Mobile Payment and Electronic Document Management System”.

Within the framework of the system defined as "Secure Mobile Payment and Electronic Document Management System" collection of fees for sales of goods and services, and sale of electronic documents, the procedures and principles regarding the submission of sales, collection and electronic document applications to the taxpayers by the institutions and organizations authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury have been revised.

Sales by financial institutions and/or organizations producing cash register devices, practicing sales, payment, collection etc. transactions and financial documents related to these transactions Secure Mobile Payment and Electronic Document Management System approved by the Ministry regarding the preservation and submission processes will be established with electronic documents (e-invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Self-Employment Receipt etc.) intermediary institutions that have received special permission from the Revenue Administration.

Under favor of the intermediary institutions acting as special integration, payment transactions will be obliged to be instantly converted into electronic documents envisaged in the legislation and are to be sent in electronic portals (e-mail, SMS, banking applications) or on paper in accordance with the type of obligation of the taxpayers who will issue documents. Institutions which are working with Financial institutions and payment recording device manufacturers should apply to the Revenue Administration with a written application after completing the necessary technical, software and infrastructure preparations.

The following taxpayer groups may benefit from the system voluntarily;

  1. Taxpayers whose commercial earnings are determined to be as in simple procedure,
  2. Taxpayers who are obligated to record / keep books on a business account basis
  3. Taxpayers who keeping books on the basis of balance sheet,
  4. Taxpayers who obtain agricultural income taxed in real procedure,
  5. Tax exempt trades.

Since tax exempt trades are not obliged to issue documents, they will issue information documents whose details are determined by the Presidency and have no financial value.

The taxpayers involved in this system, which will be implemented beginning from 01.09.2019, will no longer have to use payment recording devices. Taxpayers included in the system will not be able to issue documents on paper except for force majeure and compulsory circumstances.

Financial institutions, cash register device manufacturers and private institutions that provide services for the creation of electronic documents under this system will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of the trade secrets they obtain during the activity.

Activity permits issued by the Revenue Administration will be canceled.

You can reach the related circular in Turkish, here.

Author Selma Kıy, Category Taxation Law

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