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Recent Changes on the Exemption of Work Permits of Foreign Nationals

cott-group-semsiyeThe Law on Work Permits of Foreign Nationals requires all foreigners to obtain a work permit before engaging in employment or independent work unless otherwise provided by bilateral or multilateral treaties in force in Turkey.
On the other hand, article 55 of the Regulation on the Application of the Law on the Work Permits of Foreign Nationals enumerates the cases where foreign nationals may be exempted from obtaining a work permit.

With a recent change enacted on 22/01/2015 in the clauses (C) and (Ç)* of the first paragraph of article 55, the regulation now permits the foreign nationals to stay and work in Turkey for a total of three months in a year – to be calculated from the date of first entry. A new paragraph giving effect to multiple entry rights in such cases has been enacted, as well.

With this highly anticipated change, foreigners who fall into the scope of exemption clauses (C ) and (Ç) may now enjoy multiple entry into Turkey and work for a total of three months in a year as opposed to three months in a year in single entry.

*Art. 55 (1): (C) and (Ç) Clauses, as amended:

(C) Foreign nationals, who come to Turkey temporarily for a total of less than 3 months in a year, to perform installation, maintenance or to give training on imported machinery use and equipment, and foreign nations who come to collect or to repair equipment or damaged machinery insofar as they furnish proof to that effect;

(Ç) Foreign nationals who come to Turkey for a total of less than 3 months in a year for training purposes related to exported or imported goods or services insofar as they furnish proof to that effect;


are exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit.

Click here to read the amended regulation (available in Turkish).

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