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Pre-filled Tax Return System for 2021 Annual Tax Returns

Pre-filled Tax Return System for 2021 Annual Tax Returns

Taxpayers / individuals who have annual income tax return obligations due from their wage incomes or other non-wage incomes / personal investments in 2021 (including R&D and technology development zone employees) can submit their annual income tax returns by using the Pre-filled Tax Return System of the Revenue Administration.

Since the wages of the liaison office employees are exempt from income tax, these amounts would not be taken into account during annual income tax return calculations.

The employees can reach Pre-filled Tax Return System via their personal e-Government account passwords. You can also check the detailed info of the Revenue Administration Pre-Filled Tax Return System on the below link:

Pre-Filled Tax Return System (In Turkish)

Revenue Administration has also published an instruction booklet to show how the income details can be declared on the related screens. You can reach the related instruction on the below link:

2022 Pre-Filled Tax Return System Instructions (In Turkish)

Wage Declaration on Pre-Filled Tax Return System

The instructions of the wage declaration are located under the title “3.3.2 3.B - BEYAN EDİLECEK ÜCRET GELİRLERİNİZ” on the instruction booklet.

Per these instructions:

The total gross compensation / earning amount would need to be written to the box called “ Ücretin gayrisafi tutarı”

The discounts / deductions from the total gross compensation amount while reaching the tax base would need to be written to the box called “İndirimler”.

These deductions can be social security premium, unemployment premium, private insurances, etc as listed on the portal.

The tax base can be seen on the box called “Safi ücret (matrah) which the income tax amount is calculated over.

The total income tax amounts withheld during the 2021 tax year would need to be written to the box called “Kesilen gelir vergisi”.

You can also review the other details about wage declaration on the booklet.

To check if you have any annual tax return obligation for 2021, you can review the details on the below links:

2021 Annual Tax Return Period for Wages

2021 Annual Tax Return Obligation for Wages

You can also review the details of the rental income declaration on the below link:

Tax Map For Rent Income Earners

You can also reach all instruction booklets of the Revenue Administration for all income types via the link. (In Turkish).

Annual income tax returns for 2021 income will be submitted to the relevant tax offices in March 2022. (Deadline is 31 Mar 2021)

Should you have any queries or need further details, please contact your customer representative.

Written by Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Posted in Taxation Law

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