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Overseas SSI Inspection Announcement

Overseas SSI Inspection Announcement

The Social Security Institution published a General Letter with regards to the inspections on the retirement procedures due to foreign service debt per the Law No. 3201 (In Turkish.)

Per that regulation, the retirement / pension payments made due to the foreign service debt system, would be cancelled if the individuals start to work in foreign countries or receives a social allowance due from their residence.

The individuals who retired due to the the foreign service debt system per the Law No: 3210, would need to declare their statuses regarding their work statuses or social benefit statuses within 3 months if they stay more than 6 months in the foreing countries.

The individuals can reach this status declaration form and the other details via that link (In Turkish.)

You can reach the General Letter of SSI via that link (In Turkish.)

Should you have any queries or need further details, please contact your customer representative.

Author Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Category Social Security Law and Legislation

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