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Electronic Notification Will Be Applicable for SSI Notifications

Electronic Notification Will Be Applicable for SSI Notifications

Social Security Institution has published a new regulation regarding the details of the electronic notification process.

You can find the details below:

What is an electronic notification?

E-notification is the submission of the documents via electronic environment to the relevant parties, employers.

What is an electronic notification address?

The electronic environment is used for the electronic document transfer or electronic notifications made by the Social Security Institution under the e-Government portal.

Are electronic notifications recorded?

All notifications are kept under records by the SSI.

Which documents are notified/sent via electronic environment?

All documents located in the relevant legislations are notified/sent via electronic environment.

Are all employers obliged to apply for electronic notification addresses?

Per Law No. 5510, Article 88, all employers should apply for an electronic notification address and use an electronic environment within the given timeline.

What is the deadline for electronic notification address application?

All employers should apply for electronic notification addresses within three months following the publication date of the Regulation, which is October 1, 2021.

All employers, who hired an employee after the publication date of the regulation, should apply for an electronic notification address within three months following the first month of the employment.

When are the documents considered as notified on the electronic environment?

Per the regulation, the documents are signed electronically by the officials and sent to the electronic notification addresses of the employers.

Moreover, the documents are deemed officially notified at the end of the fifth day following the notification via the electronic environment.

In which cases can the electronic notification address be closed?

For the legal entities, when the commercial records are closed (change of legal entity type included), the electronic notification addresses would be closed.

For the individuals, in cases of death or declaration of disappearance, the electronic notification addresses would be closed.

For which period are the electronic processes kept under records?

The electronic processes/transactions are kept for ten years.

What happens if the employers do not apply for electronic notification addresses within 3 months?

The Regulation states that all employers are obliged to apply within the deadline. Otherwise, they would be responsible for all legal consequences.

You can reach the related Regulation via the link (In Turkish.)

Should you have any queries or need further details, please contact your customer representative.

Written by Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Posted in Social Security Law and Legislation

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