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Disability Incentive for Employers under the Turkish Labour Code

cott-group-semsiyeArticle 30 of the Turkish Labor Code stipulates an incentive for all employers under the disabled worker incentive. The steps for employers to benefit from the incentive are listed below:
Who can benefit: All employers who have registered disabled employees, regardless of the total number of employees
The subject of the incentive: The entire employer share of the SSI premiums calculated based on the lowest tax base.
Application Steps:
1. The official health report indicating the disability ratio of the employee,

2. In the e-declaration menu on the SSI system save the disabled employees under the "Incentive Management – Disability and Unemployment."

3. Make the SSI declarations of these employees in accordance with the premium and work stipulated by the law no. 14857.

4. To pay the full employee SSI premiums and the remaining balance for the employer premiums after the deduction of the employer incentive.

In order to benefit from the incentive, employers are required to follow the above-listed steps and pay the required portion of the SSI premiums.

Author CottGroup Hukuk ve Mevzuat Ekibi, Category Social Security Law and Legislation, Taxation Law, Labor Law

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