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Declaration with regard to non-working days entry

The circular called "Declaration with regard to non-working days entry" numbered 2013-19 has been published on 6 April 2013 by Social Security Institution. Please find below the Social Security Institution's announcement regarding to regulation of employees' recovery reports:

1-Be effective as of  02.03.2013; if employees' recovery reason is shown as 01- Recovery in Monthly Premium and Service Document, this declaration will replace the declaration of non- working days during the recovery period. On the other hand, if the recovery reports are recorded on the old-system, there won't be needed to an additional notification.

2- Be effective as of 02.03.2013; if the employer pays the cost of the recovery period; with the new added field to the system, it has to be registered whether the employee has worked or not in workplace during his/her recovery duration? For those people; selecting the missing days reason won't be needed, only  marking the information about 'non-worked' will be enough in  Monthly Premium and Service Document.

3-The same situation will be applied to recovery declaration under the  missing day reason of "12- More than one" and the field  in Monthly Premium and Service Document  has to be marked as " worked/ non-worked".

4- Regarding to social insurants made a notice as "worked" by the employer, it wont be any payment by SSI and if there is a prior payment made by SSI, this payment will be withdrawn.

5- If the employer does not report the declarations as "01- Recovery", "Worked", "Non-worked" or does not report it  in due time, an administrative fine will be occur . The  fine amount of "unmade" and "late" declarations  will be half (1/2) and one tenth (1/10) of the minimum wage respectively.

Please note that it won't be any notice before the penalty impose.

If the non-working days declaration is made before the administrative fine statement announced to the employer; the fine amount, valued at half of the minimum wage sent by the institution, will be reapplied as reduced in proportion to one- tenth.

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