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Benefiting From Retrospective SSI Incentives

Benefiting From Retrospective SSI Incentives

In the General Assembly, the Article 17 of the "Draft Omnibus Bill" on Law on Making Amendments on Certain Laws has been approved on the date 21.03.2018.

In addition The Omnibus Bill Law on the retrospective benefits from the incentives and relevant supports have been approved and announced on the 30373 numbered Official Gazette dated 27.03. The relevant law will be applicable following the month of acceptance, in other words will be applicable as of May 1, 2018 and will be valid until the end of May 2018.

Within the one-month period as of the announcement date on the Gazette, the workplaces that do not apply for the relevant incentive benefits, will lose the right to obtain the retrospective incentives. There is a foreseen excessive workload on the SSI systems and this might lead to issues with submitting declarations along with heavy trafficing on the systems. Therefore, it is crucial for the workplaces to identify the retrospective incentives that can be benefited, at the soonest.

1 Month Period

With the Article 70 of the Law numbered 7103 and the Additional Article, Article 17 that has been added to the Law numbered 5510; workplaces can apply to the relevant authorities and benefit from the previous terms' unapplied incentives, within one-month period as of the acceptance date of the Law (as of the date 01.03.2011). It is very likely to have high value of incentive to be earned within the scope of this application, in relation to the headcount level of the workplaces. The full Article announced on the Official Gazette can be located below to this informative legislation.

In Cases of Delays

For the workplaces who do not apply for retrospective incentive application benefits, within the granted period the following will be applicable. Within the scope of the additional article, Article 17 to be included to the Law numbered 5510, in the following 6-month period can apply to the institution and benefit from the incentives, discounts or similar applications for the following past six months, retrospectively only if the required clauses (i.e. on time SSI premium payments) are met.

Calculation of The Relevant Incentives & The Confidentiality Aspect

Considering the short term allowed on the retrospective applications for the unapplied incentives, high level of infrastructure and responsive services are required. As CottGroup®, we have implemented the most liable and the strongest Advanced Incentive Application Management System on our own serves applicable to operate with our own systems. You can find how the services is provided and the relevant details in the attached presentation.

Certain service providers, due to the high hosting costs and high traffic, are sending the very confidential and sensitive personal data to abroad servers (Azure, AWS, etc.) This process, though, contradicts with the Personal Data Protection Law. Even though a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) is signed between the parties, operating with these certain service providers, will mean that sensitive personal data, including the wage input information will be transferred to a third-party software company.

As CottGroup®, without compromising from the security and the confidentiality, we provide our services compliant with the Personal Data Protection Law, coherent with the ISO 27001 Certification on Information Security Management.

If you wish to benefit from our advanced incentive management service and obtain a quote, please contact us.

Please click here to view the draft text. (The link is in Turkish)

Written by Burcu Özel, Posted in Social Security Law and Legislation

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