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Amendments on Technology Development Regions

Amendments on Technology Development Regions

New regulations on the technology development regions have been published with the Official Gazette numbered 31746 and dated 10.02.2022.

The amendments with regards to the employees working in technology development regions would be summarized as below:

The post-graduate durations would be considered during income tax incentive calculations

The approvals of the universities for the academic program and the manager of the technology development area region would be required for that application. The research periods on the post-graduate programs can also be considered in this approval process.

Doctoral study support

1. For the newly hired doctoral program students as of 03.02.2022, the Ministry can support the wages with the gross minimum wage applicable in the related month.

2. The minimum wage to be paid to these newly hired doctoral program students should not be less than 1.5 times the applicable gross minimum wage.

3. This support can only be applicable for 2 doctoral program students.

4. And, the doctoral programs should be done in a university in Türkiye.

The calculations would be done based on the monthly 30 days approach.

Per that statement, the incentive calculations would need to be done based on the assumption that a month is 30 days.

Programs to be supported

License programs of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and the areas announced by the Ministry can be supported for the technology development/research & development area employees. The support amount would be the applicable gross minimum wage, and the applicable duration would be two years.

To be able to benefit from that support, the employees who graduated from a license program of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology would need to be a new hire after 01.07.2017 (included) and for the employees who graduated from the areas announced by the Ministry would need to be a new hire after 03.02.2021 (included.)

To access the Official Gazette, please click the link (in Turkish.)

Should you have any queries or need further details, please contact your customer representative.

Written by Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Posted in Taxation Law

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