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Administrative Fine Amounts in KVKK for 2022

Administrative Fine Amounts in KVKK for 2022

Pursuant to duplicated sub-article (B) of Article 298 of Tax Procedure Law, the revaluation rate has been published in the Official Gazette numbered 31672 and dated 27.11.2021. Revaluation rate announced in the rate of 36,20% (thirty-six commas twenty) for 2021.

According to the rate, the administrative fines in Article 18 of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law ("KVKK") numbered 6698 shall be imposed in 2022 as in the following amounts:

In Case Disclosure Obligation
Is Contradicted
In Case of Breach Of
Data Security Obligations
2021 2021
9,834 ₺ - 196,686 ₺ 29,503 ₺ - 1,966.862 ₺
2022 (According to Revaluation Rate): 2022 (According to Revaluation Rate):
13,393 ₺ - 267,886 ₺ 40,183 ₺ - 2,678.866 ₺
In Case of Contradiction With
The Decisions Of The Board
In Case of Breach Of VERBIS
Registration Obligation And Notification
2021 2021
49,172 ₺ - 1,966.862 ₺ 39,337 ₺ - 1,966.862 ₺
2022 (According to Revaluation Rate): 2022 (According to Revaluation Rate):
66,972 ₺ - 2,678.866 ₺ 53,576 ₺ - 2,678.866 ₺

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