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04 October 2023

2023 Internship Wages

Written by Civan Güneş, Zeynep İzel Güner, Posted in Work Life

2023 Internship Wages

What is an Internship?

An internship is a temporary work experience that provides students or recent graduates with practical, hands-on knowledge and skills in a specific field or industry. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, and can last from a few weeks to several months. They allow students to apply what they've learned in school to the business world while also making valuable connections and gaining insight into their chosen profession. In essence, internships are a valuable stepping stone for individuals seeking to jump-start their careers and gain a competitive advantage in the job market. The rise of remote and hybrid working in today's business world has increased online (remote) internships and made them the new norm.

What is an Intern?

An intern is an individual who works temporarily in a company or organization to gain practical experience and knowledge in a specific field of work. Usually, interns are students or recent graduates who want to enhance their theoretical learning through practical training and develop professional skills that will improve their career prospects. They are assigned tasks and projects that support the regular operations of the company or organization and are provided with guidance and feedback from experienced professionals in their chosen field. The internship experience is a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn about their chosen industry, network with potential employers, and build their resume with relevant work experience.

What Types of Internships Exist?

Internships fall into two categories: compulsory internship and voluntary internship.

Compulsory internships are mandatory for students and are included in the school's grading system. The school also provides insurance coverage for these internships. Students must complete these internships within a specific timeframe, as required by their department and field of study.

On the other hand, voluntary internships are chosen by students on their own accord. These internships do not require an internship notebook nor have a specific period. They are not evaluated for grades and are not mandatory. However, students may choose to do them to gain experience, learn a profession, or use their vacation time.

Regardless of whether the internship is compulsory or voluntary, every intern must be insured. While legal deductions are not taken from the wages paid in compulsory internships, those who do voluntary internships will have legal deductions taken from their wages.

How Much are the Intern Wages for 2023?

Enterprises determine the payment for interns, apprentices, candidate apprentices, journeymen, and all students undergoing vocational training based on the minimum wage amount updated yearly. The minimum wage increase in 2023 has resulted in an update to the lower limit of these payments. For 2023, the intern wages are as follows:

2023 Internship Wages 
Intern Wage: (Workplaces with 20+ Employees) 3,420.60 TRY
Intern Wage: (Workplaces with less than 20 Employees) 1,710.30 TRY
Intern Wage:(Faculty of Engineering Student) 3,990.70 TRY
Journeyman Wage: (Vocational Education Center Senior Student) 5,701.00 TRY
Apprentice and Apprentice Candidate Wage: 3,420.60 TRY

As a result of the regulations made by Law No. 7346 (In Turkish), published on December 25, 2021, the guidelines regarding the minimum amount and conditions for government support for intern wages are as follows:

  • Companies with less than 20 employees should pay their interns a minimum of 15% of the net amount of the minimum wage.
  • Companies with 20 or more employees should pay their interns a minimum of 30% of the net amount of the minimum wage.
  • Interns who are faculty of engineering students should receive a minimum of 35% of the net amount of the minimum wage.
  • Apprentices and apprentice candidates undergoing vocational training should receive a minimum of 30% of the net amount of the minimum wage.
  • Senior students in vocational training centers who have achieved journeyman competence should receive a minimum of 50% of the net amount of the minimum wage.

While the wages for students at vocational training centers are fully supported by the government, the government support for students in other educational institutions and those undergoing internships in businesses varies based on the number of employees in the business. Here are the rates:

  • For businesses with less than 20 employees, the government is to cover two-thirds of the minimum amount to be paid to the intern.
  • For businesses with 20 or more employees, the government is to cover one-third of the minimum amount to be paid to the intern.

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