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CottGroup®, has been awarded by Mondaq as the "Contributor With Most Reader Response in Turkey"

CottGroup®, has been awarded by Mondaq, as the "Contributor With Most Reader Response in Turkey" for December 2019.

Mondaq is an online platform, where hundreds of articles published on monthly basis by contributing firms from over 80 countries around the world.

As CottGroup®, in the light of recent changes in legislations and regulations to be possibly put into practice in the near future, we will keep on sharing contents that will guide our readers more practically for their businesses.

We would like to thank all Mondaq readers who enhanced our success us to be the top on this list, from the hundreds of articles published on the platform on a monthly basis.


Service Exporters' Association 3rd Prize Winner

Service Exporters' Association 3rd Prize

"Service Exporters' Assembly and 2018 Service Exporters' Association (HIB) Award Ceremony" was held at Istanbul Congress Center on December 21, 2019. The ceremony’s opening speech was presented by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, where bureaucrats and valuable business people were the attendees of, including the Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

Boss Governance is the 3rd company in Turkey for Service Export

In this ceremony, where exporters who added value to the relevant area were awarded in 17 different service export categories and one special category were rewarded for their successes, Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) one of our member companies and the flagship company of our organization, received the 3rd prize in the field of "Advisory, Consulting and Business Support Services". The award has been presented to the CEO of our organization; Selim Tankut Akdağ by the Minister of Commerce, Ruhsar Pekcan and the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank.

We are very happy to be one of the top three firms of Turkey with the highest degree of service export in the field of consultancy and business support services where being honored with a prize for our efforts. We are proud of this success. The greatest contribution to this award is our employees and their devotion.

Certification on Compliance and Security Excellence

Achievement certification on Compliance and Security Excellence

Boss Governance (a CottGroup® company) is proud to be a local payroll partner of ADP in Turkey and has been recognized with an achievement certification for the Fiscal Year 2018 on Compliance and Security Excellence category. We are honored to be recognized in the relevant category for holding our operations at the highest security levels.

Boss Governance's Increasing Trend in the Technology Arena

Boss Governance is the 48th largest service provider among the First 500 Technology Companies

CottGroup® is of proud of its flagship company, Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) which has been ranked with several successes in different categories on the (Türkiye) Bilişim 500 List; a list that appoints the largest Turkish technology companies.

Boss Governance has been,

  • Ranked 279th in the first 500 Technology Companies (as per to sales income numbers)
  • Ranked 48th as a Service Provider

These rankings are the fruitful outcomes of our expertise, strength, qualified teams and technological infrastructure.

With the innovative attitude we adopted on being a holistic service provider and the strength comes along with this attitude, Boss Governance has become the leader by offering various solutions adaptable to unique needs along with complying the necessities of the digital economy and technological developments.

Currently, the interest and trust of the large scale MNCs inspire in our group inspires us to enhance our innovative approach on IT and relevant fields along with maximizing the level of our exports in the services field.

Bilişim 500" (The first 500 IT Companies in Turkey – Bilişim 500) ceremony was held at Istanbul Grand Pera Emek Theater for the 20th time on Thursday, July 4th with the participation of Ministry of Transportation and Communication Deputy Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Presidential Economic Policies Board, Board Member Dr. Hakan Yurdakul and Head of the BThaber Group, Murat Gökçe.

We will continue to track the I sectoral developments and maximize our strength along with continuity of our constant processive developments with thanks and support to all our employees, stakeholders and clients trust, power, faith.

Once again, we sincerely thank to CottGroup® family, who has been with us through this path of success.

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