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How CottGroup® is Responding to COVID-19?

Fast spreading COVID-19 Coronavirus affected the whole world, leading to take on extended degree of measures maintain everyone’s’ health. As CottGroup®, our top priority is to assure the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders, continue client satisfaction without sacrificing our daily business operational routines.

Activating the business continuity plans and pandemic preparedness processes, our operations are conducted remotely as of 17/3/2020 until further notice. Our BCPs are well developed with the latest global standards, highest technological practices and assistance with the experienced teams, including allocation of all required resources.

Below you can find how our organization is structuring the new operational processes that are designed to cope with the outbreak of the virus along with the preventive measures prior to shifting to remote working. The technological infrastructure, well designed security and confidentiality measures, tested business continuity plans, transition to remote working have been managed, with no impacts or risks while shifting to the new operating method. We assured that our infrastructure is efficient to keep the service level same, as if operations are held from the offices. Here are the actions CottGroup® took prior to remote working along with our current routines:

  • All staff were provided a training on the virus including preventative measures to be taken at personal levels, including all the preventive measures to be considered personally.
  • Physical equipment (i.e. masks) to maintain health have been disbursed to the staff as a precaution.
  • Extensive cleaning of the offices, including installation of hand disinfectants for the use of staff and visitors.
  • Personal travels of the staff were advised to be postponed.
  • Business travels and business events have been postponed.
  • Business meetings are set to be managed via videoconferences. In case physical meetings are required, they’ll l be held in an isolated space with few attendees.
  • 14 days of social isolation if a staff, family member of the staff is returned to the country from abroad is strictly advised; in case government implemented quarantine is not applied. In case showing symptoms of sickness 14 days of social isolation is mandatory.
  • Remote working drill have been practiced for the whole organization under BCP and following the completion of the drill successfully, transition to remote working has been conducted.
  • All connections to the systems are maintained via secure VPN connections and monitored 24/7, including the monitoring of the mobile devices.

In Turkey, there are certain restrictions for house stays for the citizens who are 65 and above, yet, the public is significantly urged to be socially isolated by the state authorities. Being together in a physical environment with our colleagues surely important to enhance the social interactions, yet our services can be offered distantly without dependence on one location. In today’s digital world, such difficult times have allowed many organizations, including CottGroup® to once again realize the importance of technological investments.

In case the restrictions are widened, including making house stays mandatory for everyone, our systems are eligible to be monitored and controlled by remote accesses without needing authorized personnel to hold physical controls in our premises.

Our business partners, potential and current clients can reach us via our emails and telephones, as usual. We are happy to assist, and here to be your solution partner, as always.

If you have any questions, please contact your customer representative or directly send your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are hoping to have the current situation that we are all working through together to be under control at the soonest and wish you and all your loved one’s healthy days.

#stayhome #staysafe

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Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic to secure the health of our employees our business operations are held remotely until further notification. CottGroup® will have its business processes carried out efficiently and smoothly thanks to our BCP plans and strong technological infrastructure. As always, our customers and business partners will be able to reach us via our phones and e-mails.