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Payroll Outsource Services

Technology improves itself day by day and it makes the business processes easily manageable by adapting to technology. Although technologic innovations contributes greatly to payroll calculations, the processing and calculating payroll should be managed by payroll experts, since there are numerous regulations to be followed and any incompliancy to those regulations can cause heavy administrative penalty fines. As per the newly structured business models and management processes, payroll processing which can be considered as the backbone functions within organizations is no longer a processes that is handled inhouse. In this regard, companies can have their payroll processes managed by companies that provide payroll outsource and payroll consultancy by allowing organizations to benefit from safe & secure payroll operations. The organizations that outsource their payroll operations will be allowed to focus on their core business, whilst leaving the task to the experts.

What is CottGroup® Payroll Outsource Service and Payroll Consultancy?

Cottgroup®, is the leading Human Resources consulting firm offering secure and fast payroll outsource services.Unique and boutique solutions are offered for its clients' needs with the staff structured with experienced payroll specialists, human resources specialists, legal consultants and financial advisors. CottGroup®, Human Resources Management Software Informasoft HRMS supported by TÜBİTAK as an informatics priority and with its experienced staff, offers payroll outsource services and human resources solutions for global and local companies all over the Turkey. Thanks to our boutique solutions specially designed for our clients, we offer our services with high technological infrastructure and high level of privacy and security standards. Thanks to our experts and reliable team, we are committed to offer our support just as a part of your team.

Payroll Legislation in Turkey, Payroll Process and Outsourcing

CottGroup® offers payroll services and relevant services related to payroll, to many different organizations in its client portfolio. In Turkey; payroll processes are quite complex as it covers various legislations and regulations, including Labor Law, Social Security Law, Income Tax Law of Obligations Law and other environmental legislations. At the same time, due to the confidential and personal data it operates on, it has a complex structure related to the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our highest priority is to keep the privacy and security measures at the highest level with our well designed technological infrastructure and continuous trainings we offer to our teams, while carrying out our operations according to legal regulations and 100% compliancy with the laws, in every field we serve.

Advantages of CottGroup®'s Payroll Outsource Service for Your Business

By choosing our outsourcing services that can be offered all over Turkey, your benefits will be as follows:

  • Your employees and executives are set free from the operational workload and will be able to focus on their core duties without having to concern about the payroll processes and related back-office operations.
  • We provide your organization a payroll outsource specialist and a consulting group to keep the track of your business processes along with the employee lifecycle applications.
  • Our payroll specialists always have up-to-date professional knowledge through continuous trainings we provide.
  • We process payroll calculation without any manual operation with highest level of technology, quality and security and zero-error policy.
  • We provide advanced incentive management services where the government provided incentives are calculated at a fast paced with "zero-error" principle on a per employee basis. Despite of their complex natures, we assist you with the relevant applications in regards, which can provide a cost reduction to your entity. Calculations are made and reported through software that we developed specifically to analyze SSI incentives.
  • We provide your entity with tailor made solutions to cope with Turkey’s complicated payroll, workforce and tax legislation.
  • Our processes are structured and implemented within the scope of the Protection of Personal Data which helps high levels of security on your payroll data.
  • Handling of Personal Data in Human Resources we have highest level of knowledge and experience therefore can quickly offer customized solutions specific to your needs.
  • You are granted with indemnity insurance of $2,000,000 on your payroll calculations and outsourced operations.
  • Your data is kept and secured in our own data center in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • CottGroup® has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management quality certificates. From these documents, ISO 27001 is provided to ensure that all confidential information can only be accessed by people authorized to access it, that it is constantly backed up and that it is available when needed.
  • With the ISAE 3402 Type II certification, our services and operations are monitored and provided under the guarantee of the relevant standards of the certificate in the international arena. This certificate is highly rare among service providers in Turkey, which offers you an additional shield in secure operation management.
  • Not only locally, but our experts provide shadow payroll calculations in Turkey for your expats, in addition to solutions for the expatriate employment.
  • By using our services, you're not to only benefit from payroll support but also can be assisted with social security registrations, labor force applications, payroll reporting any many more processes that are to be handled by our group.
  • Our aim is to maximize your efficiency and minimize your additional workload. For your operational queries on payroll processes that require assistance, our "help-desk" is in place to answer your questions whereas we can track the same-day response times, to meet the offered SLAs.
  • We are able to offer you any consultancy you need during your processes and the reports that are the subject of your payroll processes in Turkish and English.

Benefits of Payroll Outsource Service to Organizations

CottGroup®, with the payroll outsourcing service, not only minimizes the costs that may arise in your needs in this area, but also makes a difference in its field with its team of professional payroll experts, strong technological infrastructure and responsibility awareness.

Boss Governance (www.boss.com.tr) (a CottGroup® company) is proud to be the local payroll partner of ADP in Turkey.

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