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Human Resources Consulting

The nature of HR services and the way that employees must be treated are highly variable across different countries. We here at CottGroup® have created a network of experts that are specialized in their respective regions and are able to provide a high level of consulting in the field of HR that will enable organizations stay competitive in the job market, achieve legal compliance, and improve existing procedures.

Our team of consultants will guide you through various processes and the needed steps will providing continued support following the implementation of their suggestions.

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Business Consulting

The innovative approach taken by the companies under the CottGroup® umbrella have devised solutions in response to the unique needs of clients which has resulted in a wide range of service offerings.

Our seasoned and highly staff maintain a rate of versatility that keeps up with the dynamic nature of the business world, they create integrated solutions that are boundless both in terms of geography and industry.

Our growing client network has created a network within itself. As a result of this broad network consisting of Fortune 500 companies, multinational organizations, and key local players, we are able to provide our clients with a secure and cost-effective means of reach the vendors that can meet their needs. We enable our clients to reduce time consumption by being a single point of contact for their needs.

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Social Security (SSI) Employment Incentives

Most of the private sector companies are unaware of the incentives that they can benefit, which allows them a cost reduction on the employer burdens relevant to payroll calculations. On the other hand, the calculation and application of the incentives with their complex natures can create an additional workload and difficulty for the companies

As CottGroup® we are here to help with the most practical solutions combined with the highest technological infrastructure and expertise. Our aim is to conduct the calculation and processing of the incentives fast and accurate, as your trusted partner in Turkey which will enhance your efficiency and add value to your operations. The advanced incentive management and consultancy service we provide consist of not only calculation but the determination of the most appropriate incentive type from the many offered to create a higher return which is evaluated on per employee basis. Incentives offered by the government depending on the duration are quite various and not only limited to most common ones which are SSI premium, labor force, on the job training, R&D investments, unemployment payment incentives.

As being the sector leader in payroll outsource services and relevant processes, we not only calculate the standardized incentives, yet, apply the most complex ones including but not limited to the ones which supports to increase the workforce within a company. Furthermore, the calculated incentives are raised to the most optimum levels as we depend this relevant process on per employee basis. We avoid our clients to deal with any interface or system and conduct the task on behalf of them by examining the current payroll structure system and provide a detailed report on the analysis of our examination.

Our services not only provide you cost efficiency but also offers saving of time, impeccable calculations with the secure and technological infrastructure along with fast paced and flexible reporting options. All operations are conducted with maximum sensitivity with the consideration of personal data protection law and regulations.

Short Term Employment Allowance Applications & Process Management

In most sectors due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, activities within workplaces have been temporarily reduced or ceased in high volumes, leading the organizations to apply different measures on working conditions. Short Term Employment Allowance, is one of the measures that workplaces can benefit from whilst the reduction of activities.

The workplaces that want to benefit from the Short-Term Employment Allowance can submit a petition along with an application file to their registered İŞKUR unit (Turkey Employment Agency). The application is eligible in case the activities are reduced minimum of 1/3 of the regular period, and the allowance is granted for 3 months.

By considering all the related regulations, CottGroup® can assist you to prepare the application file and manage the process from end-to-end at the İŞKUR units, on behalf of your organization.

The organizations can choose to apply for Short Term Employment Allowance, in case there is a reduction on activities, to assure the continuity of the employees’ income. According to the regulation, the allowance is to be granted for 3 months, whereas this period can be extended up to 6 months, by a Presidential Decree. The application assures the income of the employees are to be handled by İŞKUR within the relevant period.

You can benefit from our service, without having to allocate additional human capital and additional resources.

CottGroup®'s consultants can save you from the workload and offer you the below with the Short-Term Employment Allowance Consultancy Service:

  • All the required documentation for the time consuming and complex application of Short-Term Employment Allowance will be prepared by our experienced staff.
  • The eligibility status of your employees who are to benefit from the allowance will be monitored by İŞKUR and preliminary from our end, with preparation of the applicable employee lists to be submitted with the application life to the authority by us.
  • All the company documents to be submitted to İŞKUR along with the application file including the petitions and employee lists will be reviewed by our end and in case there are any missing company document, our team will guide you accordingly.
  • All the correspondence with İŞKUR will be handled by our authorized staff along with submitting the application file to İŞKUR.
  • Along with the tracking of the process, when the Short-Term Employment is to end, the notifications to be made to İŞKUR will be conducted by our team in the required timeframe. Additionally, the notification will be prepared by us and will be shared with you; which will be sent out to your employees and the Union in cases where collective agreements are applicable.

By choosing CottGroup® as your solution partner during this process on Short Term Employment Allowance:

  • You'll be assigning a professional team to carry out the process on behalf of your organization, without having to allocate additional workforce and additional resources.
  • All the bureaucratic communication to be conducted between the governmental bodies, the process management and the operation will be handled by our team, leading you to save time.
  • Our expertise and consultants assure that the process will be managed 100% compliant with the regulations, leading you to eliminate all the risks that can arise due to wrongful actions.

To have further information on the Short Term Employment Allowance and the application, you can visit our FAQ page.

Contact us to have CottGroup®'s expertise and professional team to guide you on the process.

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