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16 March 2023

İŞKUR (Employment Agency) On-the-Job Training Program and Wages

Written by Civan Güneş, Erdoğdu Onur Erol, Posted in Work Life

İŞKUR (Employment Agency) On-the-Job Training Program and Wages

What is On-the-Job Training Program?

İŞKUR (Employment Agency) on-the-job training program aims to reduce unemployment, to reinforce the professional knowledge of the unemployed candidates registered on İŞKUR, to learn and develop by experiencing the work and production processes. With the on-the-job training program, employers can have the opportunity to review the performances of the candidates for a certain period of time to employ qualified workforce, and they also have the opportunity to save on the cost of searching for new employees.

What are the Benefits of the On-the-Job Training Program?

With the İŞKUR (Employment Agency) on-the-job training program, employers can save as much as the cost of a minimum wage by including the candidates they want to hire after meeting the necessary conditions. Based on that, employers can have the opportunity to see the candidates while working in the field, and they will have the opportunity to train them according to their own corporate culture and needs. If the program ends positively, they will also be able to benefit from SSI incentives for the new employees.

You can contact us for detailed information about incentives.

What are the Conditions of Benefiting from the On-the-Job Training Program?

The conditions of ISKUR are listed below:

  • Being unemployed and registered to İŞKUR,
  • Having completed the age of 15,
  • Not being a first- or second-degree blood relative or spouse of the employer,
  • Not to be retired,
  • Not being employed at the workplaces, for one year prior to the start of the program, under the tax number of the employer for which the program will be organized,
  • Not having completed the course/program organized by the Institution in the same profession,
  • Not being sanctioned for not participating in the program,
  • It is necessary to meet the conditions for benefiting from job and vocational consultancy services.

How Long Do On-the-Job Training Programs Last?

On-the-job training programs can be planned for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours a day, 6 days a week – not exceeding 45 hours.

Workplaces and professions in the IT and manufacturing sectors Maximum 6 Months
Other sectors Maximum 3 Months
Professions of the future and professions organized in the press business line Maximum 9 Months

Conditions for Employers to Benefit from On-the-Job Training Programs?

In on-the-job training programs, employers can find candidates for the position they are looking for, or request them from İŞKUR. The requirements for employers to benefit from the program are as follows:

  • To be registered in İŞKUR,
  • Having at least five employees,
  • Commit to employ at least 70% of the candidates for at least three times the program duration (not less than 60 days.)

Employers can request candidates up to 30% of the number of employees in the same city and workplaces with the same tax number.

Documents Requested from the Employer for Application to the On-the-Job Training Program

On-the-job training programs are made through the İŞKUR E-BRANCH (In Turkish) portal and, the documents requested from the employers are listed as below:

  • Application petition,
  • By Employer Type; Trade registry gazette, foundation deed, association charter, original or notarized copies of the registration documents of the union or chamber, or a document showing the legal status of the employer,
  • Signature Certificate of Authorization; Document showing the signature of the employer or the employer's authorized representative,
  • Partnership Status Document; One of the trade registry documents showing the employer's partners, partnership type and share ratio,
  • Certificate of Having Employees in the Same Occupation; A document proving that the employer has employees in the same or close occupation in the province where on-the-job training program will be held.

2023 İŞKUR On-the-Job Training Program Wage Table

Job Seeker 327.18 TRY
Student 245.38 TRY
Unemployment Allowance Recipient 163.59 TRY

In addition, in the programs for the occupations determined as the occupations of the future, a daily fee of 359.90 TRY is paid to the candidates.

Should you have any queries or need further details, please contact your customer representative.


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