Payroll Outsource Services

Our experienced team of payroll specialists and CPAs, with 30 years of experience provides payroll outsource services supported with our own software approved by TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in accordance to Turkey’s complex payroll regulations with tailor made answers. As CottGroup, we provide all kind of services you can need related to payroll services not only in Istanbul but all-around Turkey. With our solutions on payroll in Turkey, global companies’ requirements are answered with highest levels of confidentiality and safety standards.

The complex payroll regulation consists the application of Corporate Taxation Law, Income Tax Law, Obligation Law and the integration of EU compliances with the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law. With the expert and trustworthy team we have, we provide the assistance you will need in payroll outsourcing along with the human resources management in Turkey for your local entity.

By choosing our outsourcing services that can be applied all over Turkey your benefits will be as follows:

  • Your employees and executives are set free from the operational workload and able to focus on their own work only, without having to concern about the payroll processes.
  • We provide you and your entity with a payroll outsource specialist and a consulting group to keep the track of your business processes along with the employee lifecycle applications.
  • We process payroll calculation without any manual operation with highest level of technology, quality and security.
  • We provide your entity with tailor made solutions to cope with Turkey’s complicated payroll, workforce and tax legislation.
  • Our processes are structured and implemented within the scope of the Protection of Personal Data which helps high levels of security on your payroll data.
  • Handling of Personal Data in Human Resources we have highest level of knowledge and experience.
  • Our headquarter based in Istanbul grants you indemnity insurance of $2,000,000 on your payroll calculations and outsourced operations.
  • Your data is kept and secured in our own data center in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Our work is certified with ISO 27001, ISO 10002 and ISO 9001 in addition to other certifications specific to Turkey.
  • Not only locally, but our experts provide shadow payroll calculations in Turkey for your expats, in addition to solutions for the expatriate employment.
  • By using our services, for social security registrations, workplace registrations, Labor force applications, payroll reporting will be handled by our group.
  • The presence of a CPA and an audit company within our group provides additional support in legislative support. When we become your solution partner, you do not require additional consultancy on labor law or tax applications.
  • Our aim is to maximize your efficiency and minimize your additional workload. For your queries that require assistance, our Assistance Center is in action and your questions are answered within the same day response time.

Human Resources

It is an avoidable fact that the business world is highly dynamic environment that requires agility, versatility, and change. This could not be truer when considering the field of human resources.

The CottGroup® approach is to seek out new innovations in the field of HR and to apply them after they have been proven to be successful. Additionally, our holistic services mean that our clients are able to outsource all of their HR functions to CottGroup® with the peace of mind that they are being supported by dedicated local HR experts.

Our services encompass all stages of employment and HR management ranging from recruitment, to exit procedures and everything in between.

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Workforce Management

It has long been considered that one of the greatest sources of waste within an organization is the waste of the workforce. However, workforce management has evolved to a much higher level than simply matching the right people with the right jobs, it is now more about maintaining an overall productive workforce. CottGroup®’s set of Workforce Management solutions have been developed with productivity and efficiency in mind. Our enterprise solutions incorporate the latest technology to allow ease of access, user friendliness, flexible reporting capabilities, and increased speed in the workplace. In addition to supporting the internal activities of organizations such as resource planning and scheduling, CottGroup® Workforce Management solutions provide organizations with a way to bridge the gap between HR, operations, and IT in such a way that will drive business and optimize the workforce.

Our experts work closely with clients to understand their organization and make informed suggestions as to the best system, and following agreement by all parties, the most appropriate solution is implemented. CottGroup® solutions are highly customizable based on client needs.

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Professional Employer Services PEO

Many organizations, both foreign and local, choose to utilize Professional Employer Organization services as a means of sharing the liability of being an employer, not having to deal with the costly HR management and benefits administration.

The services entails establishing a co-employment relationship in which we would take on the regulatory aspect of the employment relationship and our clients are only tasked with the management of day to day activities of the employee.



Our business consultants provide you with a road map, clear directions, and regular feedback on performance. Our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise on business processes and legislative support.

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CottGroup offers a full range of payroll, accountancy, tax and administration services to manage operations and provide practical solutions to all businesses.

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We provide SaaS (Software as a service) solutions to help your company automate processes, resulting in reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and saving time.

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At CottGroup we specialise in delivering high-quality employment law training, health and safety management training and training on all aspects of people management.

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