Human Resource Consulting

The nature of HR services and the way that employees must be treated are highly variable across different countries. We here at CottGroup® have created a network of experts that are specialized in their respective regions and are able to provide a high level of consulting in the field of HR that will enable organizations stay competitive in the job market, achieve legal compliance, and improve existing procedures.

Our team of consultants will guide you through various processes and the needed steps will providing continued support following the implementation of their suggestions.

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Business Consulting

The innovative approach taken by the companies under the CottGroup® umbrella have devised solutions in response to the unique needs of clients which has resulted in a wide range of service offerings.

Our seasoned and highly staff maintain a rate of versatility that keeps up with the dynamic nature of the business world, they create integrated solutions that are boundless both in terms of geography and industry.

Our growing client network has created a network within itself. As a result of this broad network consisting of Fortune 500 companies, multinational organizations, and key local players, we are able to provide our clients with a secure and cost effective means of reach the vendors that can meet their needs. We enable our clients to reduce time consumption by being a single point of contact for their needs.

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Company Establishment - Start Ups

Whether you are a foreign company seeking to establish an entity, or an entrepreneur looking to launch your first company, Our start up services will help you reach your full potential. By performing all of the necessary statutory registrations, we assists our clients by leveraging many years of experience and close relationship with the statutory bodies.

We offer a unique approach to company establishment that simplifies this complex process through regular feedback and guidance. Furthermore, companies can outsource all of their processes to us and focus on their primary business functions.

Our team of seasoned consultants will be your guide to realizing your ambitions.

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Tax and Audit Consulting

The highly dynamic nature of tax legislation creates a unique situation that calls for an equally dynamic and adaptable approach. Our team of highly trained and experienced CPA’s provide an unparalleled level of service to clients of all sizes.

The expertise of our team will identify and reduce tax risks, ensure compliance, conduct dealings with the tax authority, and manage tax accounting and reporting needs.

The presence of a robust team of CPA’s in charge of your organizations tax and audit related needs will help you avoid costly pitfalls. The advice that we provide to our clients is based on a strong knowledge base built on expertise in different countries.

Audit consulting is one of the founding services on which our consulting business was built on. As a result of our vast experience with audits of all kinds including, government audits, third party customer or supplier audits, and internal audits, we are able to provide our clients with the information that they need to know and establish systems that ensure success.

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