Payroll Outsource Services

Our team with a 25 years of experience provides payroll outsource services aided with our own software approved by TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in accordance to Turkey’s payroll regulations. We provide any kind of payroll services global entities can ask for with the highest levels of confidentiality and safety standards.

Our services that can be applied all over Turkey are as follows:

  • Employees and executives can focus on their own work only, without having to concern about the payroll processes.
  • To provide you and your entity with a payroll outsource specialist and a consulting group to keep the track of your business processes.
  • To process payroll calculation without any manual operation with highest level of technology and quality.
  • To provide your entity with solutions to cope with Turkey’s complicated payroll and workforce legislation.
  • Protection of Personal Data helps high levels of security on your payroll data.
  • Handling of Personal Data in Human Resources we have highest level of knowledge and experience.
  • Our Istanbul based hosting headquarter grants you with cyber security insurance on your payroll data.
  • Our work is certified with ISO 27001, ISO 10002 ve ISO 9001 in addition to other certifications specific to Turkey.
  • We provide 2.000.000 USD insurance coverage for our services.
  • We provide different and firm based solutions for payroll and salary payments to entities that are not yet registered in Turkey.

Finance and Accounting

Decision makers in any organization will know that finance and accounting are perhaps one of the largest contributors to the way that they come to their conclusions. In order to make the right decisions, people need to be empowered with the accurate information.

CottGroup® has the tools that organizations need in order to create a financially optimized and transparently accurate accounting ecosystem. The presence of these two traits are critical factors for both day to day operations and decision making, as well as the successful execution growth strategies.

Outsourcing your finance functions to CottGroup® will help your organization increase its efficiency and gain a robust reporting system to give you a definitive view of your companies overall finances and daily dealings.

A few of the functions that we can perform among others are:

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Business Process Outsourcing BPO

Thanks to the boundless expertise and capabilities of Boss Governance Inc., clients can outsource a variety of functions with the peace of mind that they will be carried out with the utmost attention to service quality among other things.

Having started with providing payroll services, Boss Governance has expanded its offering to the point that all of your companies back end functions can be bundled into a single solution and single invoice.

The process which we are able to offer range from payroll to full HR services. A single service definition enables our clients to reduce the amount of governance required in addition to lowering costs and raising efficiency.

Business Process Management BPM

It can be said that the processes of an organization are actually part of its intangible assets, and these assets must be managed correctly in order to get he maximum return from them.

Our BPM consulting service will help your organization identify the process which need innovation, a technological infusion, or other improvements while simultaneously identifying the process which should remain as they are.

The business environment is constantly changing, and many of the process which exist in our organizations must keep up with the rate of change in order to continue to meet the needs and wants of clients. By utilizing our BPM service, we will ensure that your processes are executed at the highest level of efficiency, cost effectiveness, and returns by properly managing these assets.



Our business consultants provide you with a road map, clear directions, and regular feedback on performance. Our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise on business processes and legislative support.

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CottGroup offers a full range of payroll, accountancy, tax and administration services to manage operations and provide practical solutions to all businesses.

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We provide SaaS (Software as a service) solutions to help your company automate processes, resulting in reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and saving time.

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At CottGroup we specialise in delivering high-quality employment law training, health and safety management training and training on all aspects of people management.

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