European side of Istanbul PTT (Post, Telegraph, Telephone) General Directorate - Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilat A.Ş. has been sharing an announcement with the institutions that provides virtual office service that is subjected as “the notices made to the virtual offices” and numbered 49595059-103.99-E.63745 with the date of 13.12.2018.

There may be some troubles in the distribution of notices to the companies in the virtual offices of which provides various office services through renting an office by more than one individual or legal entities.

Because of the hesitations that the PTT officers have to deal with, the route to distribute the notices is determined as follows:

  • For the companies that has its own employees in the virtual offices: personnel who is registered to the SSI system and authorized to receive the notice on behalf of addressee (such as founding manager) may receive the notice;
  • For the companies of which own personnel is not employed/present in the virtual office per se: the notice shall not be delivered to a personnel even if he/she acts under a PoA (such as secretary service).

You may reach the announcement Turkish text here.

Written by Seda Arıcı, Selma Kıy

About the Author

Seda Arıcı

Legal Consultant | Attorney

Selma Kıy

CPA, Managing Partner
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