Turkish laws and regulations allow the retroactive payment of premiums for childbirth and military service periods for early retirement. The premiums owed as a lump sum for the mentioned periods are calculated based on minimum wage, which will be subject to an increase in July 2015.
It is advised that those who would like to benefit from this option for early retirement apply in June in order to take advantage of the former minimum wage amount and pay favorable rates.

The lowest applicable calculation base is 32% of the current minimum wage; which for June 2015 is 384,48 – for 30 days. With the upcoming increase in minimum wage in July, this amount will raise up to 407.52.

As a result, a retroactive premium payment for 24 months for childbirth, calculated from the lowest base, as 9.222,52 TL in June will be 9.780,48TL in July, a whopping increase of 552,00 TL. Likewise, a retroactive premium payment for 18 months for military service amounting to 6.920,64 TL will increase to 7.335,36 TL in July.

Written by Selma Kıy, Posted in Social Security Law and Regulations


Supreme Court of Turkey Annuls Provision which Excludes Navigation on the High Seas for ships engaged in Maritime Transportation from Workplace Health and Safety Law

Article II (2) e of the Work Place Health and Safety Law which excludes navigation on the high seas for ships engaged in maritime transportation from the scope of the law has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Courts for violating the constitutional right to life, work and the principles of social state in a decision dated 11/06/2015, published in the official gazette no. 29383.

Written by Zeynep Uçar Tagney, Posted in Workplace Health and Safety


The Law Approving the Bilateral Avoidance of Tax Treaty between Mexico and Turkey

cott-group-semsiyeThe internal law no. 6594 approving the bilateral treaty between the government of the Republic of Turkey and the government of the United Mexican States for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evation with respect to taxes on income Korea, dated 17/12/2013 has been enacted and published in the Turkish Official Gazette on 20/02/2015.

Written by Zeynep Uçar Tagney, Posted in Taxation Law, Bilateral Treaties


Supreme Court of Turkey Annuls One Year Ban on Work Permit Reapplication of Foreigners

 Article 14.d of the Law on Foreign Work Permits which prevents work permit applicants to reapply to the same workplace for a duration of one year if their initial application was denied has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Turkey in a unanimous decision dated 21/05/2015.

Written by Zeynep Uçar Tagney, Posted in Immigration and Law on Foreign Nationals

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