Government's support to promote the Individual Pension System (IPS/BES) has recently received a high level of attention. The greatest factor that effects the achievement of the provider entities regarding their goals on IPS, is mainly due to the society being unwilling to feel the burden of a concern for their future, the people desiring to make their living in the future through a fixed level of income or their needs of a raise on retirement salaries, which is insufficient in current conditions. The success of IPS/BES has served as another tool for other saving opportunities to enter in our lives.

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On the job training Incentive to employers by Turkish Employment Agency

Being unable to procure qualified laborforce is one of the most common situations in our country. The same matter also applies to newly graduated college students, who are considered in the qualified workforce but inexperienced in business life. Employers are of course looking for experienced personnel, however newly graduated and highly qualified workforce can only gain job experience during work.

The government provides new incentives to cope with this matter, to achieve countrywide effectiveness and most importantly to lower the cost of labor by publishing this issue in the official gazette numbered 29335 and dated 23rd April 2015. One of the most important incentives that all employers can benefit is On the Job Training Programme.

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Income Tax Exempted Severance Pay

cott-group-semsiyeAccording to the Cabinet Decision numbered 2015/8057 published in the official gazette numbered 29458 on 27.08.2015;

Retirement benefits will be taken into account in the calculation of Maximum Severance Pay as affective from 1st of September 2015. The following values have been calculated taking these coefficients into account, and shall be applied for the period between the dates of 01.09.2015-31.12.2015;

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cott-group-semsiyeIn the context of Social Security Legislation women have been provided with early retirement right by way of making maternity borrowing. The same right is provided also for insured women who adopted children.

Within the context of Social Security notification, the women, who adopted up to maximum three children, can also take advantage of the early retirement right by making maternity borrowing. Insured women may benefit from this right and they can retire early for up to 6 years. For each child, the policyholders have the right to early retirement in the amount of the 2 years per child.

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